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Phi Sigma Tau

The University of Dayton's Department of Philosophy hosts a chapter of the national philosophy honor society, Phi Sigma Tau. Students' eligibility to join the society depends upon the number of credit hours they have completed in philosophy, their grade point average, and class rank. Phi Sigma Tau members can submit papers and book reviews for publication in the undergraduate philosophy journal Dialogue.

Phi Sigma Tau holds an annual initiation ceremony and dinner at which one of the philosophy faculty members gives a talk. Previous addresses include: Dr. Marilyn Fischer, "If Jane Addams were Reporting from Baghdad;" Dr. Dan Fouke, "John Toland's Pantheism: Philosophy in a Burlesque Mode;" Dr. Patricia Johnson, "On Being a Friend;" and Dr. Rebecca Whisnant, "Rethinking Nonviolence: Intimate Abuse and the Needs of Survivors."

Phi Sigma Tau offers a setting in which our students can pursue philosophical reflection and dialogue together with philosophy faculty outside of formal classroom work.

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