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Wright State and Sinclair Community College Students

We are pleased to be able to offer course credit to students at both Wright State University and Sinclair Community College. You will need to complete the SOCHE Cross Registration form which is available online through the above link. You still complete the Band Camp Registration and indicate that you are a Wright State/Sinclair student in the appropriate box. Once registered, you are entitled to all of the rights and privileges of membership in the Pride of Dayton If you have any other questions, please contact Mr. Will for more information on how you can participate in marching band at the University of Dayton.

Pride of Dayton 2023 WSU and SCC Student Representatives

Pride of Dayton Director

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Pride of Dayton

Fitz Hall, Room 475
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2946

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Complete the Band Camp registration below and tell your advisor that you want to register for MUS 390 03 when scheduling your classes.

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