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Pride of Dayton History

Started in 1905 by Marianist Brother Louis Vogt, the UD bands are one of the oldest college bands in the nation with a rich history of excellence over our one-hundred and thirteen year history. The Pride of Dayton Marching Band is now a well-known and well-loved part of athletic events at the University of Dayton.

An early standout in the UD bands was a student named Maurice Reichard. Reichard learned to play the French horn in order to join the marching band. Vogt, recognizing his talent, decided to teach Reichard every instrument.

“In the 1922 yearbook next to Reichard’s name was the quote, ‘What he doesn’t play, ain’t played,’” wrote John C. Sutton in “The Life of Maurice Reichard.” Reichard went on to follow Vogt as the band’s director. Under Reichard’s guidance, the band flourished. Within a few years, membership soared to over 60 members and the band soon drew comparisons to much more established programs such as Michigan and West Point for its excellent drill work.

Succeeding years saw numerous talented directors take the helm of the program, including Charles W. Ritter, Claire Miller, Timothy Swinehart, Linda Hartley, Eric Wiltshire, Nicole Gross, Jeff Lehman, and Tremon Kizer among others. Their leadership has played a major role in campus spirit and athletic entertainment. The Pride of Dayton will continue to grow and develop and be the best ambassador for the Red and Blue.

The University of Dayton Band Alumni is a non-profit charitable organization that was formed in 1970 for the charitable, philanthropic, and educational purpose of promoting, encouraging, and assisting in the development of the University of Dayton Bands and their related activities. The primary goal has been the establishment and growth of The UD Band Alumni Scholarship Fund. Membership in the UD Band Alumni is not limited to graduates of the University of Dayton and extends to family and friends of those who have participated in the University of Dayton Bands. This includes all University of Dayton Band organizations, Pep Bands, Flyerettes, twirlers and beyond.

Past POD leadership

  • 2016-Present: Kenneth Will
  • 2015: Tremon Kizer
  • 2013-14: Jeff Lehman
  • 2010-12: Tremon Kizer
  • 2007-09: Nikki Gross
  • 2006: David Lepla
  • 2004-05: Eric Wiltshire
  • 2002-03: Brenden Caldwell
  • 2000-01: James Latten
  • 1999: Linda Hartley
  • 1998: Doug Whitten
  • 1991-97: Linda Hartley
  • 1990: Barry Ellis
  • 1989: Steve Pederson
  • 1987-88: Dave Garcia
  • 1985-86: Dave Jarvis
  • 1984: Robey George
  • 1983: Dave Jarvis
  • 1980-82: Tim Swinehart
  • 1972-79: Claire Miller
  • 1964-71: Bill Ritter
  • 1962-63: Richard Wiggenhorn
  • 1930-61: Maurice Reichard
  • 1905-29: Brother Louis Vogt

  • 2022: Abigail Southworth, Abigail Grant 
  • 2021: Ally Brown, Abigail Southworth 
  • 2020: Susie Post, Ally Brown 
  • 2019: Caleb Vanden Eynden, Susie Post 
  • 2018: Ashley Mercs, Caleb Vanden Eynden 
  • 2017: Ashley Mercs, Caleb Vanden Eynden 
  • 2016: Megan Goldbranson, Ashley Mercs 
  • 2015: Julia Mosier, Liz Diller, Megan Goldbranson 
  • 2014: Courtney Wise, April Hinten, Julia Mosier 
  • 2013: Hannah Starr 
  • 2012: Josh Moore 
  • 2011: Megan Shaughnessy  
  • 2010: David Larence 
  • 2009: Phil Stamper 
  • 2008: Hilary Hartman 
  • 2007: Jeff Kerley 
  • 2006: Jenny Jones 
  • 2005: Paola Montoya 
  • 2004: Nick Palmer 
  • 2003: Brian Beickelman 
  • 2002: Michael Bedel 
  • 2001: Clint Kernan

  • 2022: Aidan Garland, Ben Mueller, Nicole Ortenzi 
  • 2021: Nicole Ortenzi, Susie Post, Derek Rempe 
  • 2020: Seth Adams, Emily Kramer, Nicole Ortenzi 
  • 2019: Seth Adams, Emily Kramer, Jonathon Newcomb 
  • 2018: Emily Kramer, Jonathon Newcomb, Zach Zielinski 
  • 2017: Ada Pariser, Zach Zielinski 
  • 2016: Ada Pariser, Zach Zielinski 
  • 2015: Abby Naveau, Ada Pariser 
  • 2014: Abby Naveau, Jarrod Wurm 
  • 2013: David Middleton, Abby Naveau, Erick Von Sas 
  • 2012: Erick Von Sas, Jarrod Wurm 
  • 2011: Stephanie Kramer, Fiona McGowan 
  • 2010: Carl Hayslett, Fiona McGowan 
  • 2009: Carl Hayslett, Andrew Russeau 
  • 2008: Andrew Russeau, Phil Stamper-Halpin, Chris Fishpaw 
  • 2007: Andrew Russeau, Kyle Schuckmann, Christine O'Donnell 
  • 2006: Emily Larder, Adam Uhlenhake, Ashley Waltz 
  • 2005: Matthew Klapheke, Adam Uhlenhake, Ashley Waltz 
  • 2004: Daniel Briggs, Matthew Klapheke, Kevin Martin 
  • 2003: Kevin Martin, Matthew Smith, Jennifer Wilson 
  • 2002: Matthew Smith, Sarah Weaver 
  • 2001: Clint Fisher, Maureen Mahoney


Pride of Dayton

Fitz Hall
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2946