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Music Talent Awards

Music Talent Awards are available to all students regardless of major.

All students interested in receiving a Music Talent Award must complete an audition for our faculty. These awards are offered to very talented voice or instrumental students and strong consideration is given to music majors in degree programs or ensemble areas of greatest need. Awards vary in the amount that is offered and are based on a variety of factors, including merit for talent and/or financial need. Since the process for Music Talent Awards is highly competitive, not every student who auditions will receive an award. Recipients of Music Talent Awards will be required to participate in certain ensembles based upon their instrument and/or voice type.

Music Talent Awards awarded by the Department of Music can, in some cases, be combined with academic awards received from the University of Dayton's Office of Financial Aid. Therefore, it is important that each applicant complete and submit the requested FAFSA form as part of the financial aid process. To be considered for a Music Talent Award, auditions must be completed by early February.

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