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Math Help Center

The Department of Mathematics offers free support for University of Dayton students enrolled in pre-calculus or calculus classes at UD (MTH 116, 129, 148, 168, 169, and 218). The help center is staffed by the mathematics faculty and teaching assistants.

Help is available on a drop-in basis and no appointment is necessary. We offer in-person and virtual assistance over Zoom. The Math Help Center is located in Hathcock Hall Room 009 near informal study spaces where you can work on homework or prepare for an upcoming exam with expert advice available when you need it.

Math Help Center Details
The Math Help Center is located in Hathcock Hall room 009.



Virtual tutoring over Zoom is also available via this link

(You must be logged in to Zoom with your UD credentials)



Guidelines for Students

  • You should not expect staff to do your homework for you. They will work a problem similar to the one you are working on, and you can then apply the ideas and steps to the homework problem.
  • Using the help center for any reason during a window in which you have an open take-home test or quiz can be considered a violation of the Academic Honor Code.
  • Staff will not work problems from graded tests and quizzes. If you have questions about problems on a graded test or quiz you should contact your instructor.
  • If other students are waiting, sessions are limited to 20 minutes.
  • In order to make your time most effective, please close any programs on your computer except those necessary for your tutoring session.
  • We recommend Google Jamboard as a digital whiteboard. You can create a "Jam" and share it with the tutor for them to draw on and work problems. If you install the Jamboard app on your phone or tablet, you can use the app to upload pictures of your work to the Jamboard.

Department of Mathematics

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