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Bachelor of Science in Mathematics

Mathematics plays an unmistakably important role in modern society and the world today. Research and discovery within mathematics has engaged minds for hundreds of years, and the field offers abundant opportunities to further your understanding of mathematics and apply your knowledge to real-world situations.

Program Details

Mathematics is the study of shape and form, of numbers and patterns, of concrete examples and abstract generalizations. As a discipline, mathematics is not easy to categorize. We offer a Bachelor of Science in mathematics, a Bachelor of Arts in mathematics and a Bachelor of Science in applied mathematical economics (in collaboration with the Department of Economics and Finance). We also offer a Master of Science in applied mathematics. 

Program Outcomes

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in mathematics prepares you to pursue careers in engineering and science or to enter graduate study in any area of the mathematical sciences, including actuarial science and statistics.

You are encouraged to participate in an undergraduate research project with a faculty member. Topics range from theoretical to applied mathematics, and it is possible to engage in cross-disciplinary, team-oriented research experiences.

You can also choose to share your interest in mathematics with students by pursuing the teaching licensure option. You will fulfill the requirements in the Department of Mathematics, as well as those designated by the School of Education and Health Sciences for teacher licensure by the state of Ohio.

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