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Global Languages and Cultures

A heritage

The Italian Minor brings the culture, heritage and language together. Students who minor in Italian are uniquely equipped to experience UD and succeed beyond graduation.


    Italy has the most UNESCO world heritage sites in the world.

  • Opportunity

    Explore your interests in Italian language and culture.

  • Customize

    Design an independent study to enhance your learning experience.

High-quality education

With such a heritage, Italian is the language of art and culture. Italian has centuries-long influence in fields that range from music to architecture, from art to literature and from cinema to theatre. Dante, Petrarca, Boccaccio, Michelangelo, Leonardo, Vivaldi, Galileo, Verdi, Puccini, Fellini, Sophia Loren. Or simply enjoy the language with a song.

Classes in Italian are small and offer a great faculty-to-student ratio. As students build skills, they may choose classes in cinema, literature, politics and culture. All classes are conducted in Italian and will hone the skills learned in the basic Italian classes.

The career opportunities for those studying Italian are vast. Several students with a minor in Italian are now working in Italy or in the U.S. using their language skills learned in our classes. Learning Italian will open new paths in finding jobs overseas. Connect with current and past students using our dedicated page on Facebook.

Learn more

Italian Club

Created in 2010, this is the oldest language club at UD. The club organized the Italian Colloquium, a day dedicated to Italian Studies and the Cineforum, where Italian films are watched together. Sometimes, club members simply come together to make pasta from scratch.

Italian table

One day a week during the semester, students and professors gather together in Kennedy Union for an informal chat.

Italian Radio program

Broadcasting from ArtStreet, WUDR Flyer Radio is completely student run and operated. Students studying Italian interview each other on the programs and, of course, Italian is the only language used.

Scholarship opportunity

University of Dayton President Eric Spina honored what is at the heart of Italy, Italians, and those who study Italian in a blog post he wrote announcing the funding of a scholarship in the name of his father, an Italian American whose story is like so many of Italians.