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Global Languages and Cultures

A unique skill

For all its growing importance, Chinese still remains a rare language skill among Americans. In committing to study Chinese, you can look forward to being equipped with a still uncommon and highly valued second language skill.

  • Third

    Most commonly spoken language in the U.S.

  • Second

    Largest economy after the U.S. and a major geopolitical player on the world stage.

  • In Demand

    Chinese is not only the most-requested language after Spanish by U.S. employers, but the language that has experienced the greatest growth in demand.

High Quality Education

Students will learn from guest speakers from industry, government agencies and nonprofit organizations and engage in experiential learning with the local Chinese community.

Students of all disciplines can obtain a Chinese minor with an additional 12 semester hours. Half of the 12 semester hours may be CAP courses.

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What Students Say: “I think learning Chinese is a lot of fun. Every day in class we have fun while still learning the language." “This was probably my favorite class because of the teaching style" "I feel lucky to have studied Chinese during my college career. I am inspired to continue learning Chinese for the rest of my life.”

Financial aid and scholarships

The UD Anderson China Studies Fund provides support to undergraduates who wish to advance U.S.-China relations by studying abroad. Chinese has been deemed critical to the United State's national security and numerous government agencies seek employees proficient in the language. Some agencies provide scholarships, as well as pay incentives for employees who bring Chinese skills to their job.

Student clubs

The University of Dayton offers its majors an opportunity to take learning beyond the classroom. Students can connect to the UD Asian American Students Association and learn more about Asian cultures beyond the classroom.