The issues facing us today are increasingly global in nature. The context in which we lead our professional and personal lives is steadily becoming more multicultural and global in scope, demanding new levels of international knowledge - knowledge beyond just geography, a few phrases of a foreign language, and a guide book. We must be able to collaborate effectively with people from other parts of the world to seek solutions to problems that transcend national boundaries.

International Studies is a multidisciplinary major designed to provide you with the international perspective and skills you will need to solve these problems throughout a successful career in education, government, international business, law, national and homeland security, humanitarian relief, or social entrepreneurship.  The intense and demanding International Studies curriculum will provide you with the multitude of disciplinary perspectives needed to become successful problem solver in today's complex world. The curriculum includes a core of required courses, a concentration, a foreign language requirement, a research methods course, and a senior capstone seminar. The experiential component may be satisfied through study abroad, internship, language immersion, service, or work experience.

The curriculum takes you outside the classroom as well. All International Studies students are required to participate in study abroad or international internship programs to deepen their language proficiency and experience into other cultures. The University of Dayton sponsors study abroad programs throughout the world, from Santiago to St. Petersburg, Bangalore India to Guatemala, Morocco to Zambia, Shanghai and Nanjing. Students may also participate in accredited study abroad programs run by other colleges and universities and transfer credits with appropriate approval.

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