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International and Intercultural Leadership

The International and Intercultural Leadership Certificate

The International and Intercultural Leadership Certificate is a distinguished academic track within multiple disciplines that highlights and promotes the value and necessity of working across cultures. It provides one mechanism that helps the University achieve its new vision of a meaningful intercultural experience for all.

The certificate aligns with our Catholic and Marianist mission and vision. The certificate is based in values of respect for the dignity of all people, mutual engagement and reciprocity toward servant leadership. This supports the new vision recently presented by President Spina to become THE University for the common good. Placing critical societal issues in the foreground is at the heart of our vision as an institution. Indeed, President Spina has charged all of us to build curricular and co-curricular structures that build servant leadership and intercultural capacity. In addition, the College of Arts and Sciences includes this certificate as a key component of its strategic plan to advance global learning.

Program overview


The courses taken on campus provide the foundation to develop the learning outcomes. The curriculum has three components: social justice, context and leadership. Students must also take these courses from four different disciplines.

Language Proficiency

To be achieved by taking courses or demonstrating proficiency via a placement exam.

International / Intercultural Experience

An education abroad program offered by an accredited institution or recognized program provider, or a local experience in the target language.

Experiential Capstone

A mini-course that would include an experiential project that would require students to integrate and apply their learning. Students would also reflect on and share their experience and the integration of their knowledge in a professional presentation such as Stander.

A compliment to any major

This certificate is an opportunity for students of any discipline to add a valuable asset to their degree (majors and minors) given the intercultural, global environment in graduate, postgraduate and professional careers.

The student learning outcomes for the certificate are the foundational knowledge, skills and attitudes needed to become an international and intercultural leader.

Our students demonstrate:

  • Knowledge: Explains how issues of social justice, power and privilege are shaped in a variety of contexts.
  • Skill: Uses language and knowledge of other cultures effectively and appropriately to communicate, connect and build relationships with people in other cultural communities.
  • Attitude: Be able to express respect and thoughtful engagement with people across cultures.

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