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International and Intercultural Leadership

Experiential Learning

Students will gain several types of experiences through the certificate.

International/Intercultural Experience

Students have an international experience through an education abroad program, or by participating in an experience in the U.S. with the target language.  Significant aspects of these experiences:

  • The education abroad program may be offered by UD, an accredited higher education institution, or a recognized education abroad program provider.
  • Students can also take a 1-3 sem. hr. LNG service learning course or INS 495 internship if they choose a service learning in the target language in the US or US-based experience. Signing up for the course ensures that the experience is approved and is an appropriate learning experience.
  • Health and safety of students is always of utmost importance.
  • Duration of the program is not necessarily a factor. Some short-term programs with intentional designs, immersions and community engagement can produce the same learning as longer-term programs.
Language Learning Experience 

Language learning can take place in a formal classroom, and in local or global communities. Regardless of format or location, it is a social experience that requires engagement with others--native speakers and other language learners--and is a significant component of relationship development and cultural learning.

Experiential Capstone

One of four mini-courses that addresses an advanced level of intercultural learning and requires students to implement a project that allows them to integrate and apply their learning and leadership. 

Culminating Presentation

In addition to the mini course, students will present the culmination of their learning during their final year at the Stander or other formal presentation approved by the program coordinator. The presentation will foster a culminating experience that will help students intentionally identify how the certificate components have addressed their development as a global leader. Presentation guidelines will be developed to guide and ensure that students demonstrate this learning.


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