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Student Involvement

Our students find many innovative ways to extend their learning beyond the classroom.

Marie Poinsatte '21 and Emilee Zoog '21

Marie and Emilee use materials from the Dayton Metro Library Suffrage Archive to examine the radical nature of the early twentieth century's women suffrage and anti-suffrage movements. They assess microhistorical examples of Dayton women to interpret broader narratives, both in support of women voting and against it.

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Maleah Wells '22

Maleah found fascinating things in the archives. She explores the past and current reality for a project on Black history majors at the University of Dayton.

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Hannah Katrofil '20 and Alexandra Michalski '20

Hannah and Alexandra spent time as interns at the University of Dayton's Human Rights Center. They tell the story of what life was like for female students at UD during the 1960s and 1970s.

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Marty McKew '21 and Teresa Labello '21

Marty (left) and Teresa (right) created a UDFlyerHistory Podcast entitled "Spilling the Tea: Teresa Labello and Marty McKew Talk about Being UD History Majors." Both of them are seniors, planning to graduate in 2021. Marty is from Columbus, Ohio, and is a recipient of the Oxford Summer Thesis Institute program. Teresa is double majoring in philosophy and history and has plans to go to law school. In Spring 2020, she was awarded The Caroline Beauregard Award of Excellence to the Outstanding Junior Majoring in History.

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Adam West '20
The history major provides multiple interdisciplinary opportunities. One example from spring semester 2020 was during the Global Voices Symposium hosted by Alumni Chair and history faculty Dr. Julius Amin. Student Adam West '20 poses a question about his research project on Stokely Carmichael's visit to campus in the 1960s. West completed his research as part of Dr. Caroline Waldron's seminar in US History and Democracy. Panelists in the session, "Why Global Voices Remain Relevant on Campus and Community," engaged and supported this research in new ways.

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