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Andrea Kozoil

Western Massachusetts, USA: Research on potential high-pressure schists and gneisses.

Allen McGrew

Northeastern Nevada, USA: The goal of the Keck Nevada Project is to document the kinematics and thermal evolution of deep-crustal rocks exposed during exhumation of the northern half of the Ruby Mountains (RM)-East Humboldt Range (EHR)-Wood Hills (WH) metamorphic core complex. Although the RM-EHR-WH is widely recognized as a classic metamorphic core complex, debate persist about the timing and kinematics of crustal extension. Students conduct detailed geologic mapping and collect low-temperature thermochronologic, sedimentologic, and structural data to better characterize the exhumation of the RM-EHR-WH core complex. These results are integrated to test competing models for the structural development of the complex, in order to better understand mid-to-lower-crustal deformation.

Mike Sandy

Mississippi & Alabama, USA: Project investigating the taxonomy and paleoecology of cretaceous-tertiary brachiopods from the southern United States.

Image, top page: Keck Nevada Project.

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