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Geology and Environmental Geosciences

In the News: Publications and Presentations

Our research is a valuable resource for the department, broadening the knowledge base of both faculty and students. Department faculty are often contacted the media to discuss regional, national and international geological events.

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Recent Presentations
Several of our majors attended the Annual Geological Society of America meeting (Nov 4-7, 2018) held in Indianapolis, IN. 

Senior Caroline Johnstone has been working with Dr. Zelalem Bedaso on stable isotopes of precipitation, surface and groundwater in the Dayton area. Caroline’s poster was entitled “Characterizing Interactions between Surface and Groundwater in the Great Miami Valley Watershed Using Stable Isotopes and Water Chemistry.” Her research focuses on understanding seasonal groundwater and surface water interaction using isotopic tracers and water chemical analysis. This work is very important for Dayton because a large number of people rely on the groundwater aquifer as a source of clean drinking water in the region. Understanding interaction and recharge also provides critical information for creating sustainable water practices in the Great Miami Valley Watershed both from water quality and quantity perspectives. At the meeting, Caroline was selected to received the Sigma Gamma Epsilon Austin A. Sartin Best Poster Award.

Michael Chacko presented his analysis of understanding the dynamic response of five glaciers draining in the Dhauliganga River in Central Himalayan region using a combination of satellite imageries and image processing techniques.

Zhiyuan Xie presented a novel convolutional neural network, which is a deep learning, feed-forward neural network, to automatically map debris-covered glaciers.


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