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The Writing Program

The University of Dayton has a strong commitment to providing all students a liberal arts education, whether they are majors in the College of Arts and Sciences or one of the professional schools. This commitment derives from the conviction that to be people of faith and full citizens in the world, students need much more than preparation for a particular career or job.

The Department of English works to serve this conviction by fostering critical and creative engagement with diverse texts to promote informed and strategic participation in academic, professional, and civic life. Additionally, in reflecting the University’s commitment to social justice, the Department of English considers the roles that nation, religion, language, class, race, gender, disability, and sexuality play in texts and in lives. In examining the shifting currents of history, ideology, and culture, our work brings the traditions of the past into dialogue with the complexities of the present. Through our work as scholars, teachers, and students, we strive to fulfill this mission by:

  • Gathering, creating, and sharing knowledge about literature, writing, film, and other media
  • Engaging actively with texts that represent and mediate knowledge across disciplines in the university
  • Cultivating expertise in reading the signs of the times in our diverse world
  • Encountering multiple social identities through literature and writing to enrich our understanding of human experience
  • Promoting understanding of multiple textual traditions and literacies in a global context
  • Pursuing a greater understanding of discourse and of the institutions and values that shape it
  • Exploring the religious, ethical, political, and aesthetic commitments that have shaped cultures and texts
  • Providing scholarly preparation and professional development for teachers of English
  • Inspiring an appreciation for the personal and communal pleasures of reading and writing

Department of English

300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 1520