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Careers and English Alumni

Surveys of college alumni show that students who graduate with a major in English go on to succeed in a wide range of fields. These areas of study include publishing, law, business, the arts, library, recruitment, journalism, technical writing, government, and nonprofit work.

Since we now live in an age of near-constant technological communication, English majors are especially well equipped to navigate the demands of professional communication – and to impress their employers – in almost any field.

As most of our majors will tell you they chose this path because they love to read and write. They want their college experience to be personally meaningful, to be academically challenging, and to be intellectually, socially, and spiritually rewarding. Major in English because you love it. Use these four (or more) years to learn how to think, read, write and engage with others thoughtfully in a true learning community. 

Alumni Mentor Program

The Alumni Mentoring Program is facilitated by Career Services and Alumni Relations. It’s open to past and current students, and ranges from all different majors. Candidates for the program are paired with professionals in their perspective field. The program runs from October to May.

The program provides help for students each year. These students range from the majors of College of Arts & Sciences, School of Business Administration, School of Engineering, School of Education and Health Services.

The Alumni Mentoring Program provides the University's vast network to give students, past and current, help from someone who has experience in this field of study. This opportunity provides essential real world experience to its candidates.


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