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To ensure that all students acquire a basic understanding of the arts as significant manifestations of diverse cultural, intellectual, aesthetic, and personal experiences, all students will complete a three-hour component in the Arts. Courses will assist students to develop skills and acquire experiences that enable them to understand, reflect upon, and value the creative process within the context of the arts.

The Arts component may include courses from the Departments of Music, Visual Arts, English and the Theatre Program. The requirement may be satisfied by taking studio and performance courses as well as historical studies courses. Students may satisfy the three hour requirement with one three-hour course or a combination of one- and two-hour courses. Given the diversity of the Arts, the specific learning outcomes addressed will vary across courses.

  • ENG 280: Introduction to Creative Writing
    Introduces students to three creative writing genres: poetry, short fiction, and creative non-fiction through a diverse group of contemporary writers.
  • ENG 302: Survey of Later British Literature
    Includes literature from the early nineteenth century Romantic period to the present. This course has an emphasis placed on critical engagement with creative literary genres including poetry, fiction, drama and prose.
  • ENG 331: Studies in Film
    Students are introduced to conceptual and analytical practices of cinema as an art form. Formal and stylistic dimensions of motion pictures as well as roles that the cinema plays in society are critically engaged by students.


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