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B.A. Tracks


English prepares graduates to be literate, perceptive and competent readers and writers who are informed about their literary heritage and who are responsive to our culture and its needs. Accordingly, the department emphasizes training and practice in reading, analyzing, synthesizing, and writing.

Our program recognizes the diversity of English majors by making few rigid course requirements for all majors and by having students meet with their advisers to plan individual programs of study.

There are four tracks of study within the English major:


As a student in this track, you will read a wide array of English literature, but also do so much more. Students hold a Regency ball while learning about Jane Austen, go to a local concert while studying heavy metal in culture and write on vellum while examining early modern texts.

See courses listed under the section of literary and cultural studies in the Catalog.


Within the writing track, there are three concentrations: Creative Writing, Rhetoric and Composition, and Professional and Technical Writing.

Creative Writing

In this track, you will learn how to write creatively, with classes in drama, short story, poetry, and so many more.

Rhetoric and Composition

From styles in argumentation to rhetorical theory, students in this track will dive deep into rhetoric and composition, learning about language and the context in which it is written and read.

Professional and Technical Writing

We offer upper-level professional and technical writing courses to meet the demands of the contemporary workforce, and serve dual constituencies: students who want to a writing career (professional writers), and students whose career choices require advanced writing skills (professionals-who-write). You will get hands-on professional writing opportunities, with past classes responsible for redesigning the English Department website, to writing grants for organizations, which have gotten funded.

See the program of study for the "Writing” section in the Catalog.


This track is designed for students also enrolled in the B.S. in Science in Education degree program. You will learn about the English language and the best practices for teaching it, while also gaining hands-on experience in the classroom through the School of Education.

See the program of study for the “Teaching” section in the Catalog.


For students who want to create their own program of study, there is the option for a self-designed track. If you want to have a specific project in mind or if you want to study a combination of writing and literature, talk to your advisor to plan a track for your years here. 

See the program of study for the “Self-Designed” section in the Catalog.


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