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Professional Development

The department offers career workshops and training for teaching assistants. For details on these and other professional development opportunities, please contact Dr. Jennifer Haan >

Career Workshops

Every fall and spring the English Department hosts a series of workshops to prepare students for applying to graduate programs such as MA, PhD, MAT, Law School and more. The workshops help students organize their school search, gather information on programs, and develop the written materials needed to apply. Lastly the workshops help address how to contact programs, interact with directors, ask for letters of recommendation, and select among admissions officers.

Fall series focuses on:
  • resumes/curriculum vitae
  • personal statements
  • grant and/or funding applications
  • writing samples
Spring series focuses on:
  • resumes/curriculum vitae
  • job application letters
  • portfolios or sample work(s)
  • interviewing

Students in these workshops get valuable experience getting to evaluate each other’s materials and performance while also preparing and performing for others.

Teaching Assistant Training

The graduate program currently consists of nine teaching assistants. For the first semester of their assistantship, students work in the Knowledge Hub, located in the Roesch Library first floor, as well as observe a faculty member’s class. For the entire second year, TAs run their own English 200 classes, and many move on to their Ph.D afterwards.

Before each semester, a 10-day training program is required. It is designed to help a student formulate procedures similar to English 590. This training period allows for students to become more acquainted with each other as well as give them an idea of what to expect in the coming two years.


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