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Department of Criminal Justice and Security Studies

Jessica Salyers, 2006

B.A., Psychology and Criminal Justice Studies

Jessica Salyers graduated from the University of Dayton in 2006 with a double major in Psychology and Criminal Justice Studies (CJS) and a minor in Sociology. Being at UD for three years, Jessica was able to take summer courses and took about 18 to 21 credits a semester to graduate within the three years.

Jessica followed up with an M.S. in Industrial Organizational Psychology while working for the U.S. Air Force in the area of Organizational Development for the Air Force Research Laboratory.

Later, Jessica pursued her Doctorate in Psychology in Business and Consulting Psychology, graduating in 2013.

Jessica is currently working as the Chief Talent Management Officer for the Air Force Life Cycle Management Center. Much of her work focuses on the intersection of "psychology" and "work" - taking psychological principles and applying them to large organizations to help solve morale, cultural, leadership, learning and other challenges, usually relying on theory or a data-based, learner-practitioner model.

Jessica is a big Flyers fan. She has worked with UDRI and various departments from UD that touch the local Entrepreneur Center, the Arcade and more.

Jessica and her family have recently returned to the UD Campus and Brown Street, and had the pleasure of revisiting her old dorms: Stuart, AvK and Art Street.

Jessica originally wanted to work in Forensic Psychology with a focus on Criminal Justice Studies, but ended up focusing more on the business side, though the intersection between Law and Psychology

Her favorite classes were Case Law and Forensic Psychology, and she recalls enjoying working with and for Dr. Arthur Jipson, Associate Professor as the department's Research Assistant and serving as President for CJSs societies Omega Phi Delta (OPDand Alpha Phi Sigma (APS).


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