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Department of Criminal Justice and Security Studies

Our Alumni

In the Department of Criminal Justice and Security Studies, faculty enjoy staying in touch with alumni. It is quite interesting to learn about the diverse paths our graduates have taken. These connections also prove useful to current students, allowing them a large view of what awaits them upon graduation.

Featured CJSS Alumni
Jessica Salyers

2006 graduate in Psychology and Criminal Justice Studies

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Nicholas Pavigla

2006 graduate in Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies

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Monica DiGiandomenico

2009 graduate in Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies

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Megan Passon

2021 graduate in Sociology and Criminal Justice Studies

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Alumni by Year

Justin Backscheider was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in US Army at graduation in May 2013.

Tyler Craport is receiving training in the Military Police Academy and is serving in the Ohio Army National Guard.

Kyle Grabowski was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant at graduation in May 2013 and is an Executive Officer in the 377 MP Company with the USAR.

Neil Hubbert Is a consultant with Booz Allen Hamilton doing Clouds Analytics in Washington, DC.

Cody Kehres is currently attending the Chemical Basic Officers Leadership Course at Fort Leonard Wood, MO – he commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the US Army Chemical Corps at graduation in May 2013.

Sarah Leonard is working for the Franklin County Prosecutor's Office in Franklin, OH.

Marina LoCasto will become coordinator of the Dayton Civic Scholars when she begins graduate studies in public administration this fall.  Marina will be a graduate assistant coordinating the program she has been a part of for three years and the first former Dayton Civic Scholar to lead the program.

Ashley Merino is working in the Juvenile Division office at the Franklin County Prosecutor’s Office.

Dustin Paulus was commissioned as Second Lieutenant in the U.S. Air Force in May 2013.

Richard Pickren is currently a Second Lieutenant with the Illinois National Guard. He will be stationed at Fort Sill, Oklahoma in August 2013 training to be a Field Artillery Officer.

Nicole Schlater will be attending the University of Dayton Law School in the fall of 2013.

Heidi Schmid is currently working as a Security Line Officer with Cedar Fair Entertainment Company (Kings Island), while she prepares to go to graduate school.

Nicholas Sholtis was commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in US Army at graduation in May 2013 and is currently attending the Field Artillery Basic Officer Leadership Course.

Joshua Dunleavy commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army at graduation in May 2012.

Caitlin Emmerich is working as a Customer Service Representative for Parr Public Safety Equipment.

Brian Focareto commissioned as a Second Lieutenant in the US Army at graduation in May 2012.

Jacob Gebelle is attending the University of Dayton Law School.

Sarah Haydocy is working as a Corrections Officer in the Montgomery County Jail.

Brian Heitz is attending the University of Louisville studying Justice Administration.

Briana Hollis is attending Case Western Reserve University working on a Masters in Social Administration (Social Work).

Lauren Maddente will be attending Marquette Law School in fall 2013.

Meredith Marcinik will be attending the University of Law School in fall 2013.

Christa Natke is working as a Direct Care Worker with Isabella County Non-Detention Home.

Casey O’Connor is attending the University of Baltimore pursuing a law degree.

Julia O’Neil is a Military Police Officer Second Lieutenant Platoon Leader for the United States Army.

Nathanial Perry is an Admission and Financial Aid Counselor with the University of Dayton and is applying to the Master of Public Administration program at the University of Dayton.

Jamie Stukenborg is working at Meridian Machining.

Julie Thomas is studying Criminal Justice at University of Cincinnati.

Lauren Wargacki will be attending the University of Dayton Law School in fall 2013.

Tonya Brown works as a Clerk in the Criminal Justice Section of the Ohio Attorney General’s office. She is also in the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy which will be completed in August 2013.

Tim DeVita is a police officer for the Savannah-Chatham Metro Police Department.

Brian Dorsey is a police officer of the Columbus Ohio Division of Police.

Matt Hammer is attending the University of Toledo College Of Law.

Jessica Lampe is a Probation officer with the Clermont County Common Pleas Court.

Jeff Nicodemus is a TSA Supervisor at Lihue Airport on the Island of Kauai, Hawaii.

Tommy Nickel is working as a Network Infrastructure Recruiter for TEKsystems.

Sean Redmond is a First Lieutenant in the United States Army and is currently stationed out of Ft. Campbell, Kentucky but currently being deployed to Afghanistan.

Jacqueline Sammon works as a Special Investigator for CACI International Inc.

Sarah Albright is now an Investigator for the Franklin County Public Defender’s Office.

Zachary Bowen works as a Pretrial Services Officer for FLETC for the US District Court in Las Vegas, NV.

Cassandra Collins works as a DD Services Group Home Manager for Goodwill Easter Seals in Miami Valley area of Ohio.

Jared Cree is a Field Artillery Officer for the U.S. Army, Bravo Company, 1st Battalion, 14th Infantry Regiment. Jared recently returned from a six-month deployment in northern Iraq in support of Operation New Dawn. He is currently stationed at Schofield Barracks in Hawaii until approximately October 2013.

Bryce Ellis is pursuing a Master of Science in Human Resources Development at North Carolina State University and also interning full-time at FDH Engineering in Human Resources.

Beth Henterly (CJS/SPN) is a Victim Advocate for the Montgomery County Prosecutor's Office. She was hired into this position after interning with the office through the CJS internship program overseen by Tim Apolito.

Karen Kopulos is a Foreclosure Assistance Call Center Supervisor in Portland OR. Karen enjoys her work and especially likes living in Oregon.

Laura Buehrle is working as a Support Officer for Franklin County Child Support Enforcement Agency in Columbus, OH.

Kacy Carmichael is now working as an Assistant Aquatics Manager for Western Eagle County Metropolitan Recreation District in Gypsum, CO.

Chris Cerone is attending grad school at Boston College – Lynch School of Education for Med in Secondary English Education and working part-time as an office temporary for WGBH in Boston

Monica DiGiandomenico has graduated in 2011 from GWU with a Masters in Forensic Science – Humane law and is now a Law Enforcement Officer for the Washington Humane Society in DC.

Kate Hammelrath is currently attending the University of Cincinnati working on a Masters in Health Administration and working as a Project Manager for Medpace Reference Laboratory.

Pat Kelly is a Police Officer with Arlington County Police Department in Virginia.

Caroline Miller works as an Account Services Coordinator – Continental Office Environments.

Ashley Brown received her Master of Public Administration (2011) and now working as a Youth Leader III for Montgomery County Juvenile Courts.

Kris Brownlee is now a police officer with the Beavercreek Police Department.

Ashley (Yannakis) Crone is a police recruit for the City of Dayton, Ohio.

Mary (Penberty) Calhoun received her MSW at Loyola University in Chicago, IL and is working as a Service Coordinator at SET Ministry Inc.

Gregg Sosoka will be working as a police officer for the Madison, WI Police Department starting in October 2013.

Nathan Bidlack works at the Allen County Jail as a Civilian Confinement officer.

Jessica Cooney is a Program Coordinator for Project GRACE (Guided Re-entry Assistance and Community Education) at the Neighborhood Christian Legal Clinic in Indianapolis, IN.

Brittany Giomuso is President of TraceBack Screening (pre-employment background checks) in Columbus, OH.

Ryan Pitts received his Masters in Theological Studies in 2009 and is now a Lead Associate for the American Red Cross National Headquarters in Washington, DC.

Ryan Stewart is a National Accounts Manager with Buckeye International.

Colleen Eynon is a Probation Officer at Rocky River Municipal Court.

Aaron Hancart is a Supply Chain Loss Prevention Manager for JC Penney in Milwaukee, WI

Ross Nagy is a SVU Detective for the City of Dayton, OH.

Jessica (Carter) Salyers is attending The Chicago School of Professional Psychology—completing a Doctorate of Psychology (Fall 2013) and working as a Psychologist at the Air Force Research Laboratory in Dayton, Ohio.

Lindsay Bertsch graduated in May 2007 with a M.A. Forensic Psychology at the Chicago School of Professional Psychology. Lindsay is planning on working in applied research and advocating for policy reform specific to human rights abuse in prisons.

Mallory Carlson is working as a Legal Assistant at a law office in Cleveland and hopefully will be attending law school in the fall of '07.

Josh Carter is attending law school at Capital University in Columbus.

Chris Chenoweth is a patrol officer for the Colorado Springs Police Department, Gold Hill Division. He is also a member of the Gang Net Unit and a defensive tactics instructor. He has recently been assigned to a special detail tasked with targeting violent crime and liquor code violations in the downtown area of Colorado Springs and is studying to become a Police Training Officer in order to train new recruits on the street.

Ryan Clarke is a December 2005 magna cum laude graduate of the Criminal Justice Studies Program. During his junior year he completed a summer internship at the U.S. Marshals office in Las Vegas. He recently completed a Ph.D. and is now a Research Fellow at the Centre for Non-Traditional Security Studies in Singapore. Dr. Clarke is working on issues pertaining to organized crime and anti-corruption programs in Asia, and recently published a report entitled Lashkar-I-Taiba: The Fallacy of Subser-vient Proxies and the Future of Islamist Terrorism In India.

Michelle Galioto is attending nursing school and specializing in forensic nursing.

Sarah Grady is working as a Juvenile Probation Officer at the Licking County Juvenile Court.

Bryan Killgrove is currently working as a Special Investigator for the United States Investigative Services.

Ryan Miller is currently attending law school at the Michigan State University and transfered to Denver University-Sturm College of Law in the fall of 2007.

Kristan Moore works as a Criminal Background Researcher for HR Profile.

Kelly Moroney moved to Florida after graduation for Americorps where she worked as a Youth Care Worker as well as at Father Flanagan's Boys Home (FFBH). She now continues to work part time at FFBH as well as at Florida Film Monthly and Florida's Future Filmmakers and is looking at graduate schools.

Sarah White-Petteruti finished her final year at the University of Denver's Graduate School of Social Work in 2007.

William Stewart is working as an Anti-Money Laundering Analyst.

Nicholas Tabernik works as a police officer for the Dublin Division of Police.

Ann Beye is a police officer for the St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department. Upon graduation from UD, Ann enrolled in the St. Louis Police Academy in March 2006 graduating from the program in November of that year. Following a three-month training period, Ann is now behind the wheel of a squad car. In addition to well-balanced academics at UD, Ann feels that she owes a lot of her success in her "dream job" to the many hands-on experiences she had, including ride-alongs in police cruisers and visits to corrections institutions.

Russell Di Lisi is in the Secret Service and recently interviewed with the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI). He shares a story from his days at UD: "Please tell me you still do the 'Make the Link' exercise for all freshmen during their initial orientation. This was probably the greatest lesson I have ever learned in high school or college. I still have my link, a bit rusty and cracked, but still on my key chain ... same key chain since August 2000. I want to tell you that I pulled that rusty link out from my pocket for a recent interview and talked about 'making the link' in life. I told my interviewers how you told all of us to make the link between where we were in life to where we are going in life. High school was easy, transitioning to college would be a challenge and all results, good or bad, pass or fail, would fall solely on us. I told them all of this and I told them how I continued to make the link after college as well. In the real world, as in college, it can be easy to lose sight of your goals and it can be easy to lose control of yourself. I have managed to keep both and just wanted to say thanks."

"Who knows if my 'make the link' answer was the one that helped me pass my interview? I like to think and will continue to think that it was. Ha. I knew they would ask me in some form or another, 'Why the FBI?' or, 'How have you prepared for the FBI?' and I just knew what I had to say. I might be the only guy who still carries that tiny link, but I loved the message and someday I am going to pass it along to others when they need an answer." 

Second Lieutenant Joseph Hamski II serves in the United States Army.

First Lieutenant Anthony Howell serves in the United States Army and is currently in Iraq working as the Police Transition Team Chief with over 10,000 Iraqi police officers.

Second Lieutenant Demetrius Loyd serves in the United States Army. Lisa Vorrasi is pursuing a graduate course of study with Georgia State University in Atlanta.

Second Lieutenant Mark Mingee serves in the United States Army.

Mollie Murphy has been accepted to pursue a graduate course of study with the University of Cincinnati.

Anthony Vitale was married in May 2005 and is working as a Police Officer for the Xenia Police Department.

Sarah Wilcox is working as a police/fire dispatcher as well as attending graduate school.

Shantae Williams is a probation officer with the Montgomery County Adult Probation Department in Dayton, Ohio.

Lieutenant Bryan Altieri is serving in the U.S. Marine Corps and is currently serving as a Scout Platoon Commander at 2nd Tank Battalion in North Carolina.

Erik Blaine graduated from University of Dayton Law School and now works as an attorney.

Melissa Blankinship graduated from John Marshall Law School in Chicago, IL in January 2007, and working as a law clerk.

Kristine Brunswick serves as a legal assistant with Fragomen, DelRey, Bensen and Loewy in Chicago, IL.

Lisa Ann Coover is employed as an account executive for Time Warner Media Sales.

Michael Endre works a local police officer for a suburb in Chicago.

Elizabeth Hansen graduated from the University of Cincinnati and is now a police officer for the Huber Heights OH Police Department. In addition to her police career, Liz has taught part-time for the Criminal Justice Studies Program.

Douglas Kelker works as an Assessment Specialist with the Montgomery County Juvenile Court Intervention Center in Vandalia, OH and is currently enrolled in the graduate program for the University of Phoenix's online program.

Robert Kepnner works as an Industrial Product Integration Engineer.

John Mullin works a police officer.

Nicole Aron (Hendel) Norris serves as a flight lieutenant/shift supervisor with the Security Forces of the United States Air Force in Tampa, FL.

Melissa (Piechowski) Rooney is a medical student at Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine.

Steven Sebek is a police officer with the Village of Justice in Oak Lawn, IL.

Marie Skubak is a full-time graduate student at the University of Cincinnati (UC), instructor at UC, and is the research associate for two research projects.

Patrick Sloan is a police officer with the Medina, OH Police Department.

Michelle Szuhay is a Federal Reserve Law Enforcement Officer in Cleveland and will graduate in June 2007 from the University of Cincinnati's Masters of Science Criminal Justice Studies Online Distance Learning Program.

Pattie Waugh is working in the Women's Center at University of Dayton.

Erin Whalen works as a Victim Advocate/Legal Aid Advocate with the Rape Crisis and Abuse Center of Hamilton County in Cincinnati, OH.

Benjamin White is a Probation Supervisor with the Greene County Adult Probation Department in Xenia, OH.

Robin Leasure York and husband Chris are both Corrections Officers for the Knox County Sheriff's Department in Knoxville. Robin hopes to complete her master's in Education, which she started at UD, at the University of Tennessee in the near future.

John Bondy completed the Police Academy at Clark State Community College and is a Police Officer with the Beavercreek, OH Police Department since April 2007.

Ryan Dei works as a technology salesman for the U.S. Army as well as a mortgage planner at First Star.

Liza Fornaciari is currently employed as an investigator with U.S. Investigations, Inc., in Arlington, VA.

Kevin Hellmann is a police officer with the City of Bay Village, OH.

Kyle Kleinhenz is a police officer with the Atlanta, Georgia Police Department.

Karen Lemieux is a special agent, working as a counter intelligence investigator with the Department of Defense in Maryland.

Jeff Lour works for the United States Marshals Service as the judicial security inspector for the Northern District of Iowa. He continued his education and obtained a master’s degree in the administration of justice from Antioch University. He has completed the Federal Law Enforcement Training Center Criminal Investigator Training Program and is certified by the State of Ohio as a master criminal investigator. He is a certified forensic interviewer and a member of the International Association of Interviewers. He was working as a Dayton police officer when he was attending UD and credits the educational foundation he received at UD for his success academically and professionally.

Ryan Mahoney works as an Account Representative for Medical Sales for Adva Care Home Services.

Sean Mason works as an IT Service Desk Technician at Popular Financial Holdings.

Erin (Morgan) Montrie works as a social worker for Lucas County Children Services.

Marcie Morman works as a probation officer in Miami County, Ohio.

Bryan Ressler is a special agent with U.S. Customs in Philadelphia.

Meredith Spicer was conferred a Master of Arts degree in Forensic Science at the University of New Haven in New Haven, Conn.

Melissa (Collins) Stidham is a probation officer for the City of Dayton, Ohio.

Sarah Winland works as an account representative with RR Donnelly/Moore Wallace in Chicago.


Adrienne Brooks (deceased) graduated from the Tulane University School of Law in New Orleans, LA.

Christina Caifano completed her studies for a Master of Science degree in Criminal Justice and is a professor for the Criminal Justice Department at California State University, Bakersfield.

Seana Carmichael serves as an assignment manager with U.S. Investigations Services, Inc. in Dayton, OH.

Randy Dana is working as an investigator for the Ohio Attorney General's Office.

Erin (Joecken) Draves is working as a police officer for the City of Beachwood.

Jacqueline (Westhaven) Gall is a commissioned officer in the United States Army, graduated from Cleveland-Marshall Law School, and is currently working as a JAG Attorney for the U.S. Army.

Lori Lindeman works as a Juvenile Probation Officer for Montgomery County.

Valerie Martin works as a Political Campaign Consultant.

Jennifer (Brooks) Meyer graduated from Cleveland-Marshall Law School and works as Assistant Prosecutor for the City of Cleveland.

John Meyer is working as a Public Safety Dispatcher for the City of Fairfield Police Department.

Beth Nagel is an investigator with the Ohio Bureau of Workman's Compensation in Cincinnati, OH.

Jennifer Smith graduated from the University of Dayton School of Law and is now working as an attorney for the Tennessee Department of Commerce.

Jason Staraitis is a commissioned officer in the United States Army.

Nathan Winkelfoos is a U.S. Secret Service Agent in Washington, DC.

Scott Zmudzinski works in private investigations with R.L. Emmons and Associates.


Nina A. Anton finished graduate school at the University of Wisconsin in Milwaukee.

Scott Baran is a principal for Advanced Insurance Solutions.

Anthony Baucco works at Ross, Brittain & Schonberg Co., L.P.A. law firm.

Cara (Vecchio) Berg is working as the Director of Development for the Cleveland Clinic Heart and Vascular Institute.

Joy A. Christopher is working as a Credit Manager at Radio Flyer Inc. in Chicago.

Kyle Comer graduated from Cleveland State Law School and is now a Criminal Analyst with the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

Kelly A. Costello is an investigator with Huntington Banks in Cincinnati, OH.

Shannon Haley works as a Forensic Client Relationship Manager.

Matthew Johnson is working as a Probation Officer for the Greene County Adult Probation Department.

Tyler Litchfield works as an attorney for Frank, Bails, Murcko, Gubinsky, and Gale, P.C.

Joseph Mazzei is working as a police officer for the City of Shawnee Police Department in Kansas.

Ann E. Popelka is working with U.S. Investigations Services in Dayton, OH.

Sherry L. Poplin completed studies at the University of Dayton School of Law.

Gretchen Szostak went on a six month trip to Thailand, as well as many other countries, five days after the tsunami. She now works as a Membership Coordinator for Californians for Population Stablilization.

Alana L. Van Gundy completed graduate studies at the University of Cincinnati, OH.

Captain Patricia H. Weinstein currently serves in the United States Army and is stationed in Iraq.

Jackson Williams graduated from University of Toledo Law School and now works as an attorney for Roth Bierman LLP.


Patrick Bell serves as a police officer for the City of Dayton, OH. Angela G. Ani-Adjei was commissioned in the U.S. Army.

Sean Carr is a police officer for Frederick Police Department in Maryland.

Laura Cooney graduated with her Masters as well as her Doctorate from Widener University and is currently working as a Mental Health Director at South Woods State Prison.

Philip DeLeo works as a Benefits Authorizer at the Social Security Administration in Kansas City, MO.

Stacy Kinnard is working as a real estate agent.

John E. Kvederis was commissioned in the United States Army.

Allison Mantz is an attorney for Schraff and King Co., LPA.

Alexander T. Negretti works a police officer/K-9 handler.

Carrie (Coen) Sullivan graduated with her Masters from University of Massachusetts Lowell and now works as a researcher for the National Development and Research Institutes.

Angela (Demeter) Schatzle is working as a Public Safety Assistant for the City of Oxford Police Department.

Gina M. Tracy was commissioned in the United States Army.

Michelle R. (LeCain) White was married in June 2001 and is now a stay-at-home mother to two kids as well as a wife to a federal police officer.


Tiffany Conley currently serves with the City of Dayton, OH Police Department.

Matt Baase serves with the Columbus, OH Police Department.

Adam Keller serves as a private investigator for Probe Services in Buffalo, NY.

Lucas Obringer works as an outdoor counselor for Three Springs in Centerville, TN.

Michael Anderson is a sales manager for Mrs. Smith's Bakeries in Spartanburg, SC.

Linda Fritz-Deeter resides in Dayton, OH.

Brian Baker works as a branch manager for Dunbar Armored in Cincinnati.

Mike Muscarello serves as a police officer with the Columbus, OH Police Department.

Kathleen Clune is a Pharmaceutical Sales Representative at Johnson and Johnson and was married in April 2007.

Jeannine (Bass) Button is a physical education teacher at Cupertion Union School District in California.

Karen (Pierce) Clark works as a program analyst for the Federal Department of Health and Human Services.

Michael Wuebben is a police officer for the City of Moraine.


Terra Bechtol is a director of community services for the Darke County Juvenile Court in Greenville, OH.

Amy (Mucko) Cain is working as a realtor.

Bridget Davin is employed as a district manager for General Motors Service Parts Operations in Bellevue, WA.

Anne Flaherty received a master's degree in criminal justice in from Buffalo State College with the State University of New York. She is employed with the U.S. Customs Bureau in Boston, MA.

Jill Gugino completed her tour of service with the Peace Corps in Micronesia and is now attending the University of Delaware, pursuing a master's degree in college counseling.

Sarah Hellmann is attending the St. Louis University Law School.

James Homoki is currently employed as a probation officer with the Lorain County Juvenile Court in Lorain, OH. He is also a finalist for a police officer's position with the Elyria, OH, Police Department, where his father serves as a detective.

John Kvederis serves as a commissioned officer in the United States Army. Gina Tracy serves as a commissioned officer in the United States Army.

Curtis Lemmerbrock is a claims representative for Reliant Insurance in Cincinnati, OH.

Virginia Rajnes works as a communications assistant for URS Greiner in New York, NY.


James Dwyer, Jr. lives in San Ramon, CA and is a regional district manager for General Motors Corporation.

Heather (Newman) Keck graduated from the Capital University Law School in Columbus, OH.

Jim Lazaro serves as a police officer for the Gurnee, IL Police Department.

Brian Marks is employed as a loss prevention detective for a department store in Chicago, IL. He is also training for a full-time firefighter/EMT/paramedic position.

Mark Mrvica is a credit analyst for Commerce Bank in Cherry Hill, NJ, and is pursuing an MBA at Widener University.

Kristina Puchmeyer serves as a child care worker for the Children's Aid Society in Cleveland, OH.

Stephen Roach serves as a parole officer in Pennsylvania.

Vickie Sons is a social worker for Butler County Children Services in Hamilton, OH.

Kevin M. Tierney will begin a course of study with the University of Cincinnati School of Law.

Trista Vangsness is an auditor for the Georgia Department of Human Resources Office of Audits in Atlanta, GA.

Janice Vurginac is a correctional program specialist for the Lebanon OH Correctional Institution and serves, in an adjunct capacity, at the Monday Correctional Institution as a resident leader.  

Melissa Wells is associated with the Greene County, Ohio Sheriff's Department.

Kimberly Woody works as a case manager for Volunteers of America in Dayton, OH.


Nick Austin earned his law degree from The Ohio State University and is working for Benesch, Friedlander, Coplan and Aronoff in Cincinnati, OH. He also coaches the mock trial team at the University of Dayton.

Daron Borst serves as a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Las Vegas, NV. He graduated first in his class from the FBI Academy.

Katrina (Tibbs) Cowell graduated from the University of Dayton School of Law and works in Dayton, OH.

Jim Dwyer is an accessories specialist in the service parts operations for Electronic Data Systems/General Motors in Sacramento, CA, specializing in dealership profitability in Northern California.

Douglas Hall is a police officer in the Dayton, OH Police Department.

Carrie Schnirring works as a psychotherapist for Carolina Neuroservices and lives in Huntersville, NC.

Alan Swayne, Jr. completed graduate study in business administration at Central Michigan University and is a terminal supervisor for Greyhound Lines, Inc. 


Michael Andrews lives in Houston, TX and is a buyer for M.W. Kellogg. He is also a first lieutenant in the U.S. Army Reserve.

Nicole (Boland) Brown resides in Gahanna, OH.

Scott Hobbs works as a sales representative.

Joseph Moran lives in Alamo, CA and is a senior retirement specialist for the Kemper Insurance Companies.

Debborah Vegh (CJS/PSY, SOC minor) is on the faculty at Muskingum College. She has taught criminology, corrections, research methods, victimology, gender and crime, juvenile justice and intro courses. Deborah earned her Ph.D. in Criminology and Justice Policy from Northeastern University in Boston.


Manuel Casanova works with the Pretrial Services Office in Rio Piedras, PR.

Laurie Davis earned an MBA from Syracuse University and is a warehouse supervisor for Production Products Company in Syracuse, NY.

Kathryne (Murphy) Druffner is employed with the Greene County Board of Mental Retardation and Developmental Disabilities as an early intervention specialist.

James Hafner, III is an information systems consultant for Travelers Insurance in Creve Coeur, MO and lives in St. Louis.

Ann (Wimbiscus) Jennings is in her first year of law school at Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University, located in Highland Heights, KY.

Robert Sloan is a supervision officer for the Montgomery County Common Pleas Court in Dayton, OH.

Wendy Thomas serves as a compensation administrator with M&N Risk Management, Inc. in Cleveland, OH.

Caroline (Zettler) Worley resides in New Albany, OH.

Jason Younger is currently employed as an interstate compact officer with the Franklin County Court of Common Pleas in Columbus, OH.


Yador J. Harrell is currently employed as a U.S. Probation Officer with the Southern District Court of Ohio in Dayton, OH.

Cheryl (Mancuso) Mediate serves as an investigator with the Department of Agriculture's Food and Consumer Service in Boston. MA and lives in New Hampshire.

Bradley Mercer works for the City of Dayton Police Department, where he was a parole officer assigned to the supervision of intensive-level sex offenders and special program releases. He was also selected as Regional Parole Officer of the Year, by Ohio Governor George Voinovich.

Kristin (Sandstrom) Schreel was a fraud investigator with the Montgomery County Department of Human Services since 1994 and was recently promoted into administration in Dayton, OH.

Michelle A. Schuerman works with Pinkerton Investigative Services in Cincinnati, OH as Supervisor of Investigations.


Kelley (Wright) Hissong resides in Jackson, MI.

Christopher Jelinek lives in Homewood, IL and is an investigator for Travelers’ Insurance Company.

Ron Kadzielawski graduated first in his police academy class and is a police officer in Mount Prospect, IL.

Michael Lambos serves as an assistant security director for JMB Properties in Blooomingdale, IL.

Bradley Mercer serves as a special agent with the United States Secret Service and lives in Dayton, OH.

Matt Meyer currently serves as Director of the Security Threat Groups Division that reports to the Regional Directors and the Office of Prisons with the State of Ohio's Department of Rehabilitation and Correction.

Amy (Thiemann) Olinger lives in Cincinnati, OH.


Mark Beaschler serves the Marion, OH Police Department and lives in Nevada, OH.

John Jupin is a special agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation in Newark, NJ. Lieutenant

Tana (Sherman) Simmons works as an agent for Nationwide Insurance Company.


Marci MacLaren is a court assistant at Monroe County Family Court in Rochester, NY.

Ann Murphy is a special agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation and lives in San Diego, CA. 

Brian Norton is a senior underwriter at Amica Mutual Insurance Company and lives in Natick, MA.

Thomas Pownal is employed as a manager of compliance for Prudential Insurance Company in Roseland, NJ.

Maria Adalisa Rodrigues worked as a parole officer in the New York State Division of Parole in Brooklyn, NY.

James Terbovich serves as a criminal investigator for the Department of Defense and resides in Pickerington, OH.


Stephanie Brendel is employed as an assistant brand manager for Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati, OH.

Jeffrey Emerling serves as a group rental manager for Enterprise Rent-a-Car in Tempe, AZ.

Jacquelyin (Fenik) Gonzales is an attorney with Kracke, Thompson Ellis in Birmingham, AL.


Henry Conforti is a vice president with U.S. Telefactors in Aurora, IL.


Brenda Heeney is a special agent for the U.S. Treasury Department and lives in Round Rock, TX. 

John Miller works as a senior trial attorney with the law firm of Greco, Traficante and Edwards in San Diego, CA.


Tammera (Ferrari) Glickman practices as an attorney in Carmel, IN.

Joseph E. Mellochi serves with the National Security Agency in Washington, DC.

Andrew Sievers is an assistant prosecuting attorney with Warren County in Lebanon, OH.

Brigid (Doorley) Staton lives in Dayton, OH and is a regional services coordinator for the State of Ohio.


Carolyn (Benninghoff) Duvelius is a magistrate with Warren County Court of Common Pleas, Juvenile Sector in Lebanon, OH.


Raynell Adams serves as a U.S. Federal Pretrial Services agent in Dayton, OH.

Matthew J. Hollis is a telecommunications business entrepreneur and the owner of Premiercom, Inc., Cleveland, OH.

Alice (Smith) King resides in Westerville, OH.

Maureen (Meersman) Shane has a private law practice in Mount Prospect, IL.

Captain Guy Turner serves with the Westlake, OH Police Department.


Daniel Henry is an attorney in Buffalo, NY, with the law firm of Villarini and Henry. He is on the board of directors of the New York State Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers and is also chairman of the criminal law committee of the Bar Association of Erie County.

Kelly Maloy is employed with San Diego County, CA and lives in La Mesa, CA. 

Dianna (McBrid) Pendelton practices as an attorney with Williams, Blizzard and McCarthy in Houston, TX. Her area of practice is in mass tort litigation.


Mark Connor serves as an attorney with Petrikin, Wellman, Damico, Carney and Brown in Media, PA.

Paul Dwyer resides in Setauket, NY, and is a police officer for Nassau County.

James J. Fullenkamp works as an attorney in Dayton, OH and has assisted in his firm’s internships program.

Tim Greenhalgh is employed as a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service.

Steven Spiller is a sales manager for AMP in Round Rock, Texas.

Michael Sullivan is employed in the hotel/golf resort development business and lives in Newport Beach, CA.

Lieutenant Colonel Craig Tucker serves in the U.S. Marine Corps and resides in Yucca Valley, CA.

Lieutenant Joseph Witzman serves with the Sharonville, OH Police Department and graduated from Chase College of Law at Northern Kentucky University.


James Byrd currently works as a corporate counsel for Lexis-Nexis in Miamisburg, OH. 

Lieutenant Walter Conroy serves with the Oakwood, OH Police Department.

Jeff Eiser serves as deputy director of the Hamilton County, OH Sheriff's Office and teaches criminal justice courses at the University of Cincinnati in an adjunct capacity.

Frank Maguire works as a senior analyst and area security manager with Titan Corporation in Reston, VA. He is also a major in the US Air Force Reserves, Security Forces, and is stationed at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

Robert Phelps is an executive pharmaceuticals consultant for SmithKline Beechman Pharmaceuticals in Fort Wayne, IN.


B. Jay Dalley currently serves as head pro at Valley Vista Golf Corp. in Bainbridge, OH.

Sergeant William Potts works for the Borough of Jefferson, PA Police Department near Pittsburgh, and recently completed 20 years of service. 


Pam (Dornbush) Chambers is an associate professor with the Department of Criminal Justice/Corrections at Sinclair Community College in Dayton, OH.

Corporal David P. Lewis serves with the Cranberry Township, PA Police Department. Officer Lewis also addresses professional law enforcement organizations on such topics as "Update on Gang Activity and What Communities Can Do."


Mark D. Bobal was stationed on Staten Island, NY, with the U.S. Coast Guard, Prevention Compliance Division, and serves as the Commander and Chief of the Inspections Branch.

Lieutenant William Fontz graduated from the FBI National Academy and is serving the Myrtle Beach, SC Police Department.

M. Scott Getter is completing his tour of duty in Panama and is planning his retirement.

Sergeant David Jones currently serves as the midnight shift sergeant with the Charlottesville, VA Police Department.

Lieutenant Colonel Michael McKinley serves in the U.S. Army and resides in Carlisle, PA.

Sergeant Dan Poland is a detective with the New Jersey State Police and resides in Jamesburg, NJ.

Ken "Radz" Radziwanowski works as a district manager with AT&T and manages the business education training programs at the company’s school of business and technology in Somerset, NJ.


Charles "Chuck" Caron serves with the Internal Security Division of the U.S. Internal Revenue Service in Chicago, IL. 


Kevin Bereda works as a special agent with the U.S. Secret Service. 

Richard Kaplan is an attorney at law in Dayton, OH and a member of both the Ohio and Florida bar associations.


Colleen (Friend) Ketch works as a professor in the Department of Social Welfare at UCLA.

Philip Mazzucco serves as commander of the bomb squad with the Stamford, CT Police Department. He has also appeared on "America's Most Wanted Criminals" as a homicide specialist.

Robert "Bubba" Sullivan retired from the Jersey City, NJ Police Department and is currently an instructor at the Jersey City Police Academy. He also served three years as an elected Commissioner to the local County Human Relations Commission. 

Jeffrey Szabo retired as a district manager for the U.S. Railroad Retirement Board in Cincinnati, OH.


Kevin O'Neil retired as a supervisory special agent with the Immigration and Naturalization Service. 


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