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Department of Criminal Justice and Security Studies

Criminal Justice and Security Studies + JD Program

The Department of Criminal Justice and Security Studies accelerated pathway to a Juris Doctor (JD) is exclusively available to the incoming students. First year students declaring Criminal Justice Studies as a major with a Pre-Law concentration have an opportunity to earn a bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Studies and a JD in 5 years, as part of our 3 + 2.5 or, in six years in the 3 + 3 pathway.

Students apply to the University of Dayton, gain admission, and declare the Criminal Justice Studies major with the Pre-Law concentration as an incoming student. Upon admission into the Criminal Justice major with the Pre-Law concentration, students earn conditional acceptance to the UD School of Law.

Students spend the first three years at the University of Dayton enrolled in undergraduate courses fulfilling the education requirements for the bachelor’s degree in Criminal Justice Studies with Pre-Law concentration. Students complete undergraduate major requirements by the end of their junior year. In the fourth year, eligible students can be admitted as UD School of Law students.


  1. Law school credits apply towards students’ undergraduate degree only when students pass their law classes. 
  2. To pass a UDLS class, students must receive a 2.0 or higher. 
  3. Grades for law school classes will appear on their transcript as a “K”. 
  4. Law school grades will not be included in students’ undergraduate grade point average.
  5. At this time the CJS 3+2.5 program is not accepting changes of major or transfer students.

Incentives for this program include:

  • Reduced undergraduate tuition, thanks to the accelerated BA program. (Students are still eligible for financial aid at UD)
  • Waiver of law school application fees. (Students will need to pay the LSAT or GRE and CAS fees)
  • Conditional acceptance to law school when entering UD as a Criminal Justice and Security Studies major with Prelaw Concentration
  • Knowing required LSAT score when students enter the program as a first year undergraduate.
  • Advisors to assist you in the mapping out of your courses.
  • $10,000 scholarship in your first year of law school
  • The possibility to opt out of the program at any point without repercussion.
  • Opportunity to take advantage of UDSL accelerated 2-year Juris Doctorate (JD)

To qualify, students must meet the following requirements:

  • Enter UD and declare a Criminal Justice and Security Studies Major upon admission.
  • Declare the intent to complete the accelerated JD program at the beginning of their first year.
  • Selection of the Criminal Justice and Security Studies Prelaw Concentration within the major. (This is not the same as the Pre-Law minor.)
  • An overall undergrad GPA of 3.6 or higher and an LSAT of one point higher than the UDSL median LSAT in the year of their conditional admission. Students will take LSAT during the fall semester of their third year at UD.
  • Submission of a JD application in the third year to meet ABA requirements.
  • Achievement of undergraduate degree before beginning the second year of law school (2L).

Program options include:
  • 3-year Undergrad +2.5-year Law School (3+2.5) or 3+3
  • Students can select either 3+2.5 or 3+3 as late as the end of their 3rd year of undergrad
  • First year of law school (1L) must satisfy both 4th year undergrad requirements and the 1st year of law school


Criminal Justice and Security Studies

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