Faculty Research & Scholarship

The research and scholarly efforts of our faculty ensure a vibrant and engaged learning environment. Recent research and scholarship projects are listed below.


Trollinger, S. L. (2012). Selling the Amish: The Tourism of Nostalgia (pp. 193). Baltimore, MD: Johns Hopkins University Press.

Book Chapters

Kebede, M. “Harnessing Myth to Rationality,” In Verbaren, C. (Ed.), African Philosophy. Washington , DC.

Kebede, M. (2012). “African Development and the Primacy of Mental Decolonization,” In Keita, L. (Ed.), Philosophy and African Development: Theory and Practice, (pp. pp. 97-114). Dakar: CODESRIA.

Miller, V. J. (2012). "Retrospective." In Doyle, D., Bazzell, P., Furry, T. (Ed.), Ecclesiology and Exclusion: Boundaries of Being and Belonging in Postmodern Times (pp. 325-328). Maryknoll, NY: Orbis.

Miller, V. J. (2012). "The Disappearing Common Good as a Challenge to Catholic Participation in Public Life: The Need for Catholicity and Prudence." In Nicholas Cafardi (Ed.), Voting and Holiness (pp. 289-315). Mahwah, N.J.: Paulist.

Book Reviews

Trollinger, W. V. (2012). "Review of Darren Dochuk, From Bible Belt to Sun Belt: Plain-Folk Religion, Grassroots Politics, and the Rise of Evangelical Conservatism" (vol. 81). Berkeley, CA: Pacific Historical Review.

Trollinger, W. V. (2012). "Review of Stephanie Rogers, Inventing the Holy Land: American Protestant Pilgrimage to Palestine," 1865-1941 (vol. 117). American Historical Association: American Historical Review.

Invited Lectures & Addresses

Kimbrough, R. A. “Take Note - Mozart’s Overture to The Magic Flute.” Dayton Philharmonic Orchestra, Schuster Center, Dayton, Ohio. (October 13, 2012).

Miller, V. J. “Advocacy, Solidarity and Evangelization.” Catholic Relief Services Midwest Regional Staff Webinar, Catholic Relief Services, Chicago, IL. (September 14, 2012).

Miller, V. J. “Being Church at Home and Home at Church.” Annual Parish Retreat, Immaculate Conception Parish, Dayton, OH. (September 8, 2012).

Miller, V. J. “Government and Catholic Notions of the Common Good.” Diocesan Social Justice Ministers, Archdiocese of Cincinnati, Dayton, OH. (August 21, 2012).

Miller, V. J. “Academics and Advocacy.” Scholars in Global Solidarity Inaugural Seminar, Catholic Relief Services, Baltimore. (June 25, 2012).

Miller, V. J. “Globalization, the Church and the University.” Faculty Colloquium, Fairfield University, Fairfield, CT. (March 6, 2012).

Miller, V. J. “The Budget as a Moral Document.” UD/Catholic Charities Solidarity Conference, UD/Archdiocese of Cincinnati, UD. (March 3, 2012).

Miller, V. J. “The History of Catholic Social Thought as a Resource for the Future of Catholic Higher Education.” Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities Annual Meeting, Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities, Washington, DC. (February 11, 2012).

Slade, R. A. “Sam Mendes’s Recuperation of Masculinity.”, China Jilian University. (June 15, 2012).

Slade, R. A. “The Passion for Vampires.” Shanghai Normal University, English Department, Shanghai, China. (June 13, 2012).

Trollinger, W. V. “Staying Together, Staying Free: Local Church Autonomy, Interdependence, and Soul Freedom.” Roger Williams Fellowship, Ohio Baptist Convention, Columbus OH. (October 26, 2012).

Trollinger, W. V. “Frontiers, Borders, and Citizens: Abandoning the Notion of American Exceptionalism.” Maryville Symposium on the Liberal Arts, Maryville College, Maryville TN. (October 6, 2012).

Trollinger, W. V. “The Idea of a Christian America.” Roger Williams Fellowship, Ohio Baptist Convention, Columbus OH. (June 2, 2012).

Trollinger, W. V. “Navigating the Job Market.” Preparing Future Faculty Conference., Indiana University Bloomington. (February 24, 2012).

Journal Articles

Kebede, M. (2012). "Retour aux sources: Asres Yenesew et l’Occident." Diogène 2011, 2011/3-4(235-236), pp. 81-97.

Poe, D. M. (2012). "Nourishing Difference for the Erotic Couple." L’Esprit créateur, Special Issue: The Recent Work of Luce Irigaray, 52(3), 88-98.

Slade, R. A. (2012). "Remake as Erasure in The Texas Chainsaw Massacre." Horror Studies, 3(1), 57-70.

Magazines & Trade Publications

Miller, V. J. (2012). "Elezioni Usa, la sconfitta dei vescovi." (pp. 1). Milan: Populi.

Miller, V. J. (2012). "Saving Subsidiarity: Why Its Not About Small Government." (3rd ed., vol. 207, pp. 13-16). New York, NY:America.

Miller, V. J. (2012). "Personhood for Profit: Seeing corporations as people - are we making ourselves over in their image?" (June 2012 ed., pp. 8-9). Washington, DC: Sojourners.

Miller, V. J. (2012). "Spirituality and Popular Culture." (vol. January, 2012, pp. 48-52). Dayton, OH: Catechist.


Kebede, M. (2012). “Post-Meles Possible Scenarios." Washington , DC. addisvoice.com/2012/07/post-meles-possible-scenarios/

Miller, V. J. (2012). "History Can Guide the Future of Catholic Social Teaching?" Washington, DC: Association of Catholic Colleges and Universities.


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Kebede, M. (2012). “Beyond Derailment and Canonization: Assessing Meles’s Rule." Washington , DC.www.awrambatimes.com/?p=4239

Kebede, M. (2012). “Elitism and Authoritarianism: A Rejoinder to Tesfaye Demmellash.” Washington. DC.

Kebede, M. (2012). “Medrek’s path to unity and Charisma." Washington, DC.addisvoice.com/2012/10/medrek%E2%80%99s-path-to-unity-and-charisma/

Kebede, M. (2012). “Meles’s Death: Paradoxes and Opportunities.” Washington, DC. www.ethiopianreview.net/index/?p=43865

Kebede, M. (2012). “Meles’s Shame and the Dead-End of Hatred." Boston. Mass. www.abugidainfo.com/index.php/19598

Miller, V. J. (2012). "An opportunity for a real policy debate between two Catholics." (10/11/12 ed.). Washington, DC: The Hill.


James, V. D. Society for the Advancement of American Philosophy Annual Meeting, SAAP, New York, New York. (March 18, 2012).

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Miller, V. J. (2012). "No Catholic should follow Ayn Rand." London: The Guardian.

Miller, V. J. (2012). "On All of Our Shoulders: A Catholic Call to Protect the Endangered Common Good." (pp. 16). Dayton, OH.

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Trollinger, S. L. “Right Here Right Now: Theorizing the Rhetoric of Our Political Present.” National Communication Association Annual Convention, National Communication Association, Orlando, FL. (November 17, 2012).

Trollinger, S. L. “Offending Sensibilities, or How Bad Girls in Corsets Forced the Woman’s Hour.” National Communication Association Annual Convention, National Communication Association, Orlando, FL. (November 16, 2012).

Trollinger, W. V., Trollinger, S. L. “The Visual Rhetoric of the Creation Museum.”, Southern States Communication Association, San Antonio, TX. (April 15, 2012).

Trollinger, W. V. “Rhetorical Creationism.” National Communication Association annual meeting, Orlando FL. (November 17, 2012).

Trollinger, W. V., Trollinger, S. L. “The Visual Rhetoric of the Creation Museum.”, Southern States Communication Association, San Antonio, TX. (April 15, 2012).


Kimbrough, R. A. “Organ Recital.” Christ Church, Bradenton, Florida. (March 29, 2012).

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