Integrated Learning Experience

The Core Program ties together several disciplines into an integrated learning experience. Core students have the opportunity to enhance their education in a variety of ways:

  • Extra-curricular speakers and presentations are scheduled throughout the year, covering a wide variety of topics that connect to the overall theme of “Human Values in a Pluralistic Culture.”
  • Arts and cultural events have always been a large part of the Core Program. Every year there are many opportunities to explore the arts through cultural events in and around the greater Dayton area.
  • Core students enroll in a sequence of courses that fulfill many of the University's Common Academic Program.  These sections are typically smaller than conventional course sections.
  • Because of the integrated nature of courses, Core students enjoy the opportunity to follow the program together, giving them a chance to form close friendships with fellow students.
  • The Core Program has for many years developed innovations that have helped UD shape its general education curriculum, connecting the mind and the heart. Because of this history, the Core Program was invited to help design the learning space in Marianist Hall. At the start of the 2004-05 academic year, Core students were among the first to use the innovative learning space. The program continues to use the flexible learning space in Marianist Hall to great advantage as it has implemented a curriculum that moves beyond the structures of seat-time and disciplinary boundaries.

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Core Program

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