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Communication Internships

Most University of Dayton Department of Communication majors complete at least one professional internship by the time they graduate. Many students complete several internships, working at organizations in the Dayton area during the school year and elsewhere in the U.S. during summers.  Our students are highly motivated to learn and serve the workplace and community, as businesses and non-profits that have had our communication majors as interns will attest.  Both the student and employer benefit greatly through these professional relationships. 

UD communication students studying public relations, media production, communication management, or journalism get the opportunity through internships to:

  • learn more about their chosen profession,
  • apply the knowledge and skills they’ve acquired in the classroom,
  • acquire new knowledge and skill sets,
  • build their résumé and
  • develop professional contacts

Businesses, organizations and agencies that offer professional internships to communication students get the opportunity to:

  • acquire short-term talent with minimal risk,
  • gain fresh ideas and perspectives from the student intern,
  • provide current employees with opportunities to gain supervisory experience by working with an intern,
  • energize staff by having motivated and interested interns in the workplace, and
  • enhance their community and university relationships

Communication students can earn academic credit for qualifying internships through the CMM 498 Communication Internship course, which satisfies communication degree requirements in each concentration or as a communication elective. CMM 498 also can apply as a general elective. In CMM 498, students devise an educational plan at the beginning of the internship in order to enhance their knowledge and skills and to better connect their classroom education to the job. Students regularly assess their progress at the internship and, at the end of the semester, they produce a professional portfolio with samples of their internship work. They also devise a new plan for their next steps academically and professionally. 

Businesses, organizations and agencies that work with students earning academic credit through CMM 498 get interns who have assessed their professional competencies in advance of the internship, have clearly defined their goals and expectations, and have a high degree of accountability. The Department of Communication Internship Coordinator also is available to help the employer to enhance the internship relationship. 


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