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Careers in Media Production, Radio and Television, Broadcasting

The broadcasting field is and has been experiencing significant changes. One of these changes or new trends specifically combines radio and television with interactivity and computers. There are more jobs available off-camera and off-microphone than on-air positions. On-air job competition is high, while the initial pay is low. Starting positions are typically found at small town local production facilities, rather than networks.

Careers in media production/radio-television/broadcasting include broadcasting station manager, film/tape librarian, director of broadcasting, community relations director, film editor, unit manager, news director, news writer, transmitter engineer, advertising sales coordinator, technical director, traffic/continuity specialist, media buyer, market researcher, announcer, actor, disc jockey, news anchor, comedy writer, public relations manager, casting director, producer, business manager, researcher, account executive, floor manager and talk show host.

Communication courses which supplement a career in electronic media/radio-television broadcasting: oral communication, print communication, public speaking, interpersonal communication, introduction to mass communication, studio and field production, media research, media criticism, advertising, media law, interviewing, and acting.


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