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Undergraduate Certificate in Group Facilitation and Leadership

The Group Facilitation and Leadership Certificate provide students with critical skills intended to enhance their current major and promote their marketability in the workplace. Employers seek job candidates who hold leadership skills, the ability to work in teams, communication skills (written and verbal) and problem-solving skills. The courses and experiences selected for this certificate provide opportunities for growth and development of our student leaders.

The Group Facilitiation and Leadership Certificate requires course credit and a credit bearing experiential component. Students must have completed either MGT 350, POL 361 or EDC 402 and also either CMM 321 or MGT 404 and the two required courses: CMM 420 and MGT 300 before beginning the one-credit experiential learning class. The experiential learning credit provides a practical context in which students will apply and further develop the skills and knowledge they have learned through their coursework in a professional setting. This one-credit class should ideally be completed during senior year.

Upon completion of this certificate, students will be able to: 

  • Identify the strategies used to manage conflict effectively
  • Examine group decision-making skills in a variety of contexts
  • Assess communication competencies within organizations
  • Develop an understanding of how to work within and motivate team members to accomplish goals

The certificate will benefit students from a variety of disciplines, including majors in the Departments of Communication, Political Science, Social Work, English, the School of Business Administration and Pre-Law. This certificate is intentionally specific in scope and may also be of value to not only current students but those in the community.


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