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Chem Prep Program: Frequently Asked Questions

Yes!  WE WANT YOU TO SUCCEED and we know that success requires preparation. CHM123 is taught at a fast pace and instructors will assume that all students have a solid background in mathematics and some fundamentals of chemistry. IT MAY BE NECESSARY FOR YOU TO REFRESH, AND PERHAPS LEARN, MATERIAL BEFORE THE START OF CLASS.  Students come to college chemistry with a variety of backgrounds and levels of preparation. UD is investing in the CPP to make certain all students entering CHM123 have the necessary background and preparation to be successful.

Students that do not complete the CPP prior to the start of class will likely find the class moves faster than can be handled. Additionally students not completing the CPP by the stated due date will lose points toward their final course grade.

To earn full credit a student must score 100% on the final quiz retake in OWLv2.

The OWLv2 environment provides excellent support through a Help link in the upper right corner. Additionally a link to Cengage Technical Support found at the bottom of the page is available. These should always be the first sources of help.

Please contact Dr. Daniel Turner in the Department of Chemistry at or 937-229-2631.


Department of Chemistry

Science Center
300 College Park
Dayton, Ohio 45469 - 2357