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Bachelor of Science in Biochemistry

What causes chemicals to react with each other? How do chemicals react within human cells and other living systems? How can we design medications and other chemicals that benefit humankind but do not harm the environment? Chemists and biochemists seek the answers to these and other important questions.

Stated simply, chemistry is the study of matter — its structure, properties and the transformations it undergoes. Biochemistry is a subdiscipline that uses specialized methods and makes use of chemistry to learn about and explain biological systems.

The strength of our American Chemical Society accredited undergraduate and graduate programs rely on close faculty-student involvement with a heavy emphasis on research.

In B.S. program in biochemistry, you will take required lecture and laboratory courses in chemistry, as well as a number of chemistry electives. In addition, you will take courses in supplementary sciences (physics and biology), mathematics, computer science, and the humanities and social sciences. You will also perform original research, while supported by a chemistry professor. This research, which begins no later than your junior year, culminates with a senior thesis and research presentation at a department seminar. The B.S. programs will prepare you to pursue careers in scientific research (both academic and industrial) and medicine.

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