Field Study in Biology

Students can gain valuable hands-on experience by working out in the field with the following courses:

field study

BIO 310L: Ecology Lab

Ecology Lab is the study of local aquatic and terrestrial habitats conducted in several locales, including the Great Smoky Mountains.

field study

BIO 409: Ecological Restoration

Ecological Restoration utilizes local prairies, woodlots and aquatic environments to gain an understanding of the principles and practices of ecological restoration. The course presents the rationale and knowledge needed to understand, appreciate, plan and perform ecological restoration.

field study

BIO 450L: Comparative Animal Physiology Lab

Students in Comparative Animal Physiology Lab examine physiological responses to the physical environment through laboratory experimentation and by studying local aquatic and terrestrial habitats.

field study

BIO 452L: Aquatic Biology Lab

Aquatic Biology Lab makes use of several Ohio lakes and streams to carry out laboratory and field exercises emphasizing chemical and physical limnology, evolution of aquatic ecosystems, and pollution ecology.

in class

BIO 479L: Environmental Instrumentation Lab

Students taking Environmental Instrumentation Lab learn how to study current environmental issues at regional field sites through the use of field and laboratory based equipment. The course emphasizes a team-centered approaches to investigating environmental problems.

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