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Biology: Alumni Profiles

Meet Shannon Mueller

The field of biology is one that offers many different career paths, including a few that many people would not expect. For Shannon (Stewart) Mueller, a 2007 UD graduate, her success at a Dayton-area engineering firm has proven how many diverse careers are available to biologists.

Mueller graduated with a bachelor’s in biology with a concentration in environmental biology. Since then, she has worked at LJB, Inc., a Kettering-based engineering and environmental consulting firm. There, she is one of two biologists employed and some of her responsibilities include stream monitoring, wetland delineations, stream and wetland mitigations and Ohio Department of Transportation ecological surveys.

"I find my job challenging and a good balance between helping to educate my clients and the public about the importance of natural resources, particularly wetlands and streams," Mueller said. "We are in the process of designing a wetland mitigation site in a nature conservation area that Five Rivers MetroParks recently acquired. Figuring out the soils and hydrology of the area is quite fascinating."

Mueller first discovered her love for ecology at UD, working with biology professors Bro. Don Geiger and Dr. Kelly Williams. While an undergraduate, she worked in the field at Greene County Park District creating a habitat management and restoration plan with Geiger. His extensive knowledge of the plant life in the area encouraged her to continue to pursue a career path in the ecology field. In the classroom, Williams inspired Mueller through his passion for the subject of ecology.

"Dr. Geiger and Dr. Williams really taught me the how apply the things learned in the classroom to the field," she said. "It is incredibly interesting to me to try to understand the study of the relationships between living organisms and their interactions with their natural and developing environment. It is especially fascinating when you involve invasive species or habitat alteration through development. The intricate webs of life will always be fascinating to me because there are so many."


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