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Biology: Alumni Profiles

Meet Kaitlin Moredock

A current student at the University of Notre Dame Law School, Kaitlin Moredock thinks her scientific background has helped her succeed in her postgraduate career.

Moredock graduated from the University of Dayton in 2008 with Bachelor of Science degrees in biology and psychology. Some of the lessons she learned at UD were instrumental in guiding her choice to go on to law school.

"My research in the biology department required that I think about a number of possible outcomes and test my hypotheses in a systematic way. This approach has worked well in my experiences in criminal law and litigation," Moredock said. "The idea that permeated UD that your career is your vocation rather than just a job has resonated with me and guided my career choices."

While at Notre Dame, she has been named Executive Managing Editor of the Notre Dame Law Review, and has been published in the review. Moredock has been placed on the Dean's list for three consecutive semesters and will be working as an associate at a Cincinnati law firm this summer.

Moredock said that her undergraduate studies in the science field have helped her in criminal cases to understand evidence, such as autopsy reports. Moredock also gives credit for her success to professors in the biology department, such as Carissa Krane and Robert Kearns.

"So many of the biology [faculty] made my time at UD enjoyable and helped me figure out what I was called to do," she said. "It was evident that these professors cared about the students as people and wanted us to succeed.  That type of learning environment was so beneficial and gave me the confidence that I needed in order to achieve my goals."


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