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Biology: Alumni Profiles

Meet Stephen Burky, M.D.

For Dr. Stephen Burky, the team learning setting he experienced at UD helped to set the stage for his career as a dedicated radiology physician.

After graduating from UD in 1997 with his B.A. in biology, Burky received his M.D. from The Ohio State University in 2001 and took a transitional position at Riverside Hospital in Columbus before starting his diagnostic radiology residency at Indiana University in 2002. He completed his residency in 2006. Burky says that the teamwork he learned at UD has been a large part of both his postgraduate education and professional positions.

Though many UD alumni experience collaborative learning environment and the development of close relationships with their professors, Burky’s experience with the UD biology department was especially unique - he was studying biology in a true family environment.

He identifies his father, current UD biology professor Dr. Albert Burky, as having the biggest impact on him throughout his time at UD. Burky also enjoyed close relationships with other members of the biology department faculty.

"I grew up knowing most of the biology professors well long before I attended UD," he said. "They were already like extended family when I started at UD." Burky recalls living and learning on campus with friends as part of the UD community as the best part of his college experience.

Upon the completion of his postgraduate education and residency, Burky decided to pursue a medical position within the United States Air Force.

"The most unique thing I have done since leaving UD is to work for the USAF," he said. "While my primary job was working as a radiology physician, I also led the radiology department. I was in charge of about 30 active duty military and civilian employees. In addition, my job included military exercises and training that were not related to medicine. I spent time learning marksmanship, chemical warfare and had to be prepared to deploy overseas at any time."

Burky finished his four-year military service in 2010 and went on to work as a radiologist at Radiology, Inc. in Columbus, where he still works today.


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