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Pre-professional Students

The University of Dayton Biology Department offers a rigorous curriculum for individuals interested in careers in medicine, dentistry, veterinary medicine, physician assistance and other allied health professions. In fact, most undergraduates interested in health care nationwide choose biology as their major, which makes our program a terrific foundation no matter which health career you choose. Here at UD, starting in their junior year students choose from the following courses, which are recommended or required for admissions to health care programs:

  • Biochemistry
  • Cell Biology
  • Developmental Biology
  • Microbiology
  • Physiology
  • Molecular Biology
  • Immunology

Students are encouraged to take these courses in preparation for the MCAT or as prerequisites for other health profession postgraduate programs, which normally accept applications during the summer following the junior year. An interesting fact to consider as you plan your course selection is that in the last 10 years, over 80% of UD biology majors pursuing advanced health care degrees or certifications have been accepted to the school of their choice.

In addition to a challenging curriculum, the Department of Biology works with the University's umbrella program for the health professions - UD's Premedical Program - to provide each student interested in a health profession with a dedicated pre-medical advisor. These advisors are full-time faculty members, who also serve as members of the premedical programs advisory staff. The faculty advisors assist students in the selection of courses and counsel them over the course of their four year degree.

It's important that students considering any of the health professional schools know that they will be evaluated for admission using the following four criteria:

  • Academics
  • Service and social activities
  • MCAT, GRE or other test score
  • Letters of recommendation

Thus, students are encouraged to work closely with their pre-medical advisor in the preparation of their application packet.

The MEDStart Program has been developed to attract exceptional junior-year students who are interested in attending the Medical College of Ohio in Toledo. University of Dayton students accepted into this program receive an early decision agreement at the end of their junior year.

The Premedical Program Office provides guidance, information and formal seminars with admission officers from various institutions which feature postgraduate programs in nursing, pharmacy, physician assistance, physical and occupational therapy, anesthesiology and other disciplines. In addition, the Biology Department offers a career seminar program which also brings in recruiters and admission officers from public and environmental health, physical therapy and other organizations.  You can learn more about allied health careers by visiting the careers section of our website.
Finally, the Premedical Programs Office offers several scholarships and grants for students interested in medical, dental and veterinary schools.  These scholarships and grants are open to students at the end of their second, third or fourth years of study.  To be eligible, students must be registered with the Premedical Programs Office and have an academic advisor from the Premedical Advisory Committee.  Description and eligibility requirements for the Everhard, Szabo and Michaelis Scholarships can be found in the scholarships section of the Premedical Programs Office website.


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