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Bachelor of Science in Biology

Are you interested in how the human heart works? Do you want to examine the impact of pollution on the environment or discover how genetic variations contribute to diseases? Biology is the study of life processes in all living things — from their molecular composition and function to their interaction with their environment. You will examine living things and how they survive; how they affect each other and their environments; and their energy, food, growth, maintenance, physiology and reproduction processes. You can study and solve real-world challenges in human, animal and environmental health.

Our programs emphasize scientific knowledge and theory partnered with hands-on experience in the laboratory and in the field. Biology majors enjoy individualized attention from our faculty and are encouraged to participate in undergraduate research opportunities with them.

The Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in biology provides you with a general background in biology while giving you the option to pursue a biomedical concentration or environmental/ecological concentration. The biomedical concentration is useful if you plan a career in biomedical research or health care, while the environmental/ecological concentration trains you to explore the environment and the organisms that live in it. Regardless of which track you choose, you will be prepared to begin your career, obtain a postgraduate education in a professional school (dentistry, medicine, law, physical therapy, physician assistant or veterinary science) or attend graduate school (master's or doctoral).


Department of Biology

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