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We redefine the classroom.

Our undergraduate and graduate programs are unique from a number of perspectives. At the University of Dayton, our biology students are immersed in a rigorous challenging program of study designed to combine specific scientific knowledge and theory with robust laboratory and field experience. Your classroom may include a chalkboard, electron microscope, wading through a wetland area, isolating specific genes involved in cancer, or studying the exciting potential of stem cells. Our formal lecture classes for majors are small and taught by full time professors, all of whom possess a Ph.D. What you learn through traditional lecture and study will be significantly enhanced by your own hands-on experience.

Plus, undergraduate and graduate biology students at UD enjoy personal, one-to-one attention from our 17 full-time Ph.D. faculty members. Undergraduates meet on a regular basis with their undergraduate advisor to discuss career possibilities, course curriculum, and service and internship opportunities. Graduate students work day-to-day with their faculty mentor to conduct research, choose courses and discuss future career options. Together with our professional, caring staff, we've created an environment of continuous learning, academic support and planning, and infective camaraderie.

One of the important experiences we stress is research in faculty laboratories. Greater than 50% of our undergraduate majors participate in some form of research mentored by our faculty.  Both M.S. and Ph.D. students are required to perform research as part of these degree programs.  Often undergraduate and graduate students work side-by-side on projects of national importance. The students present their results at our annual Stander Symposium or at regional and international scientific meetings.  The research experience is invaluable and frequently recognized as the single most significant educational experience for our students.

Make biology the foundation of your career.

Career development is actually built into our undergraduate curriculum from the first year through the senior year making our students more competitive. With over 85 different lecture and laboratory courses in cancer biology, regenerative biology, restoration ecology, and in-depth study of the microbial world, UD biology majors can explore a fascinating range of subjects, engage in undergraduate research opportunities with top-flight faculty, and prepare themselves well for further study or direct entry into the workforce.

As a matter of fact, in the last ten years, over 98% of UD Biology alumni have successfully obtained employment or are now pursuing advanced degrees in the healthcare professions or graduate studies. Many of these alumni work in the fields of medicine, dentistry, industrial  and pharmaceutical research, teaching, veterinary science, physical therapy, pharmacy, nursing, anesthesiology, environmental and patent law, entrepreneurship, public health, and government positions.

Upon completion of an undergraduate or graduate biology degree  here at UD, you will possess a professional resume or curriculum vitae, oral presentation skills, hands-on experience, and analytical and computer skills valued by employers, graduate schools and professional schools.

With all of this at your fingertips, your study of the life sciences at UD will prove to be an exceptional experience and tremendous learning opportunity. To learn more, please continue to look around this site or contact us here. Also, we encourage you to visit our beautiful campus and the Department of Biology at your earliest convenience.

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