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College of Arts and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences and the Common Academic Program

The College of Arts and Sciences plays an integral role in the University's Common Academic Program (CAP), an innovative curriculum that is the foundation of a University of Dayton education. It is a learning experience that is shared in common among all undergraduate students, regardless of their major. The CAP’s distinctive structure is built on the notion that, while students will have unique experiences at UD, all academic programs and learning encounters are informed by the seven institutional learning goals articulated in the Habits of Inquiry and Reflection (HIR).


Social Science Interdisciplinary (SSC 200)

Learn about CAP and the Social Sciences

Principles of Oral Communication (CMM 100)

Learn about CMM100 & the CAP Experience
In the News
Harry Potter and defense against disinformation

Harry Potter had a magic wand to defend against the dark arts. Professor Angeline Sangalang equips her students with lessons in how to ward off misinformation and malfeasance in her interdisciplinary social sciences course that incorporates the much-loved wizard.

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