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Strategic Plan 2020 Implementation

Goal 6: Promote the Stewardship of Resources and Space
Strategy 6: Enhance the learner-centered environment for teaching, scholarship, research and creative production and performance through increased investment in and stewardship of people, spaces, technology and processes.
Key Initiative 1
Increase full-time College faculty lines to better reflect enrollment trends, student-to-faculty ratio targets, retention and graduation goals, best practices in student-centered and experiential learning, and strategic priorities.
  • Full-time faculty increased from 313 (Fall 2014) to 378 (Fall 2018).
Key Initiative 2
Develop ways to recognize and celebrate the unique and valuable role of staff members in the College, and identify ways to promote their engagement and professional development.
  • Implement regular staff meetings, including training on chart of accounts. Maura Donahue
  • Explore development of staff recognition event and award for staff persons. Maura Donahue/Jon Hess
  • Implement performance review process for staff. Maura Donahue
  • Continue implementation of goal setting and review of CCPD members and Center/Institute directors. All
Key Initiative 3
Initiate a College-wide space and technology planning process involving faculty, staff and students that identifies needed spaces and resources to deliver programs.
Key Initiative 4
Implement a faculty-driven process to improve technology integration in teaching and research with centralized support, including a College policy for regularly updating and replacing technology.
Key Initiative 5
Develop a College budgeting process for capital renewal and replacement of building assets.
  • Commenced meetings with departments to determine the remaining useful life of equipment and estimated cost of replacing equipment.
Key Initiative 6
Articulate a plan to modify or create new College learning and teaching spaces so they are universally accessible, flexible enough to accommodate differing pedagogies, contain suitable classroom equipment, and can be adapted to serve different class sizes.
  • Actively collaborated with Department of Art and Design and others to explore studio space options at downtown Arcade and on campus to address issues raised in accreditation report.
  • Studied new building space for Fitz Center for Leadership in Community.
  • Explored renovations to St. Joseph Hall and Zehler Hall to promote student success and learning.
  • Completed virtual reality lab renovation for Department of Computer Science in former Music and Theatre building.
  • Approved for design of former Music and Theatre space for Department of Computer Science.
  • New space for Human Rights Center secured in School of Law, allowing for expansion of Hanley Sustainability Institute.
Key Initiative 7
Collaborate with the Provost’s Office, University Advancement and Facilities Management to secure the resources necessary to implement Science Center renovations that will realize the master plan’s goals.
  • Advocate for central funds for next phase of Science Center renovations. Maura Donahue/Jason Pierce

Science Center Renovation Steering Committee identified Phase 2 renovation priorities; moving forward with design and cost-estimating.

Renovation projects completed and underway in Science Center.

Summer 2018 Projects completed:

  • SC 383-391 (Wohlleben Hall 3rd floor, east wing). Complete renovation. Creation of Chemistry synthesis lab, faculty offices, and improved egress pathing. 1,200 square feet.
  • SC 255 Chudd auditorium (Wohlleben Hall). Complete renovation. Revise tiers, interior finishes, acoustics, furnishings, A/V system, significant HVAC system upgrade, instructor table and podium. 2,790 square feet.
  • SC 119 (Sherman Hall). Physics classroom refurbishment. Revise tiered layout, new seating, tables, walls, A/V, instructor demonstration table and podium. 1,950 square feet.
  • SC 323 (Sherman Hall). Renovation of Mathematics classroom. Remove tiered layout, provide new seating, interior finishes and instructor podium. 
  • SC 201, 205, 207. Modernization of Physics labs.
  • Sherman and Wohlleben Halls: Complete fire suppression by installing sprinklers in remaining areas of Sherman and Wohlleben that were not previously fire suppressed.

Summer 2017 projects completed:

  • Wohlleben Hall third floor: Renovation of Geology classroom, faculty offices and creation of collaborative Geo-informatics research lab; 2,450 square feet.
  • Sherman Hall third floor: Renovation of Mathematics classrooms and faculty offices for Mathematics and Biology, creation of informal study study spaces; 4,550 square feet.
  • Wohlleben Hall fourth floor: Faculty research lab for new hire.
Key Initiative 8
Collaborate with the Provost’s Office, University Advancement and Facilities Management to secure the resources for and initiate work on a new University Center for the Arts.
  • Convene committee to work with campus stakeholders and architect to begin design planning for the Arts Center. Maura Donahue/Jason Pierce
Key Initiative 9
Assess the impact of class size on student success in foundational and introductory classes and adjust class sizes to reflect evidence-based best practices and internal findings.

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