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Strategic Plan 2020 Implementation

Goal 5: Expand Global Learning
Strategy 5: Promote global learning as a normative element of the College student experience through curricular, cocurricular, local and education abroad opportunities.
Key Initiative 1
Support department-level strategies for incorporating global learning strategies, including those that engage the local community in relationships of reciprocity and mutuality, into their four-year degree programs.
  • Develop joint strategy with Center for International Programs (CIP) to develop new lower-cost “embedded” global and intercultural class experiences for students. Jon Hess/Danielle Poe
  • Supported departments implementing College Global Learning grants.
  • Funded three new pilot programs modeling embedded global learning experiences for courses offered in the Department of Art and Design, Department of History and Department of Sociology, Anthropology and Social Work.
Key Initiative 2
Communicate to the College community the support available for students to study abroad, and promote existing programs that foster global learning, such as the Semester Abroad and Intercultural Leadership (SAIL) Program.
  • Produce video encouraging students to participate in study abroad and intercultural learning programs. Jon Hess/Dave Larsen
  • Offered first intersession course at University of Dayton China Institute.
Key Initiative 3
Study the potential expansion of language options and experiences available to College students and communicate the importance of language study to prospective students and parents.
  • Successfully search for and hire an external chair for the Department of Global Languages and Cultures. Jon Hess/Jason Pierce
  • Minors in Arabic and Chinese were approved.
Key Initiative 4
Provide students with enhanced language learning resources and technology through modernization of the language learning center.
  • Phase two to be explored after new department chairperson hire in Global Languages and Cultures.
Key Initiative 5
Explore the development of an International and Intercultural Certificate Program available to all UD students.
  • Support promotion of newly launched International and Intercultural Certificate. Jon Hess/Danielle Poe
  • Supported development and adoption of International and Intercultural Leadership Certificate.
Key Initiative 6
Recognize and support international faculty as a vital campus resource for intercultural and global learning and living.
  • Create communication pieces highlighting the College’s international faculty. Jason Pierce/Dave Larsen
Key Initiative 7
Develop a College-wide strategy for student and faculty engagement at the University of Dayton China Institute involving teaching, scholarship and creative activities.
  • Finalize and act on College’s China Institute working group report. Jon Hess
  • Working group convened during 2018-19 academic year; report completed.
Key Initiative 8
Cultivate and encourage faculty participation in prestigious international teaching and research opportunities, such as the Fulbright Scholar Program, and provide individualized support for faculty who apply for and receive such awards.
  • Faculty cultivation and encouragement are ongoing. Jennifer Speed
  • Promoted benefits of Fulbright awards and offered proposal development support for College faculty seeking to apply (e.g., guidance on meeting individual country requirements, serving as liaison to the Fulbright Commission).
  • Committed additional resources (including release time) for faculty who might secure such awards.
  • Contributed to Global Education Scholars Africa site selection, recruited College participants.
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