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Strategic Plan 2020 Implementation

Goal 4: Intercultural Learning and Living
Strategy 4: Immerse students in vibrant intercultural learning and living environments that prepare them to engage productively and ethically with a diverse community.
Key Initiative 1
Investigate and adopt strategies for identifying, recruiting and retaining faculty from diverse backgrounds, such as cluster hires, hiring established faculty at rank, and developing a pipeline of diverse talent; incorporate these strategies into the College’s hiring plan and processes.
  • Prepare, in conjunction with the Office of Diversity and Inclusion, materials for department chairs and hiring committees to promote the hiring of diverse faculty. Jon Hess
  • College Dean serving on President’s Hiring for Diversity, Inclusion and Mission working group.
  • College completed 45 full-time faculty hires during 2017-18, 24 of whom were women.
Key Initiative 2
Collaborate with Enrollment Management and the vice president for diversity to achieve enrollment goals for students from diverse backgrounds.
  • Collaboration is ongoing. Danielle Poe/Jason Pierce
  • Eight approved CAS-Sinclair Academy articulation agreements. New proposals in the Humanities and Chemistry are under review, and three more departments and programs are working with Sinclair partners to create pathways.
  • Supported Enrollment Management’s recruitment and support of Flyer Promise students.
Key Initiative 3
Expand curricular and programmatic offerings to attract and engage students from diverse backgrounds, including exploration of the link between area studies programs and inclusive excellence.
  • Explore new undergraduate curricular pathways, including transfer agreements and 1+2+1 programs, that would attract students from diverse backgrounds. Danielle Poe
  • After consulting with key stakeholders and campus community, establish Ethnic Studies Program with clear curricular charge and leadership structure. Danielle Poe
  • Ethnic Studies working group completed its charge.
  • New undergraduate and graduate academic models for classroom experience adopted with UDayton Global.
  • New Middle East and Islamic Studies minor approved in May 2017.
Key Initiative 4
Work with Advancement and other University partners to provide ongoing opportunities for alumni, faculty, and student collaboration on racial diversity and advocacy.
  • Meet with CCPD, Office of Multicultural Affairs and Alumni Relations to consider strategies and options. Jason Pierce
Key Initiative 5
Strengthen students’ intercultural competency and personal ethical development by creating and deploying new models for College learning-living communities.
  • Plan future directions for Integrated Learning-Living Communities, given Student Development’s new strategic plan. Danielle Poe
  • New International Learning-Living Community proposal process drafted in partnership with Student Development.
Key Initiative 6
Support the Committee on Equity and Leadership Development and the College’s Equity Advisors as they advise departments and make recommendations to the dean’s office concerning equitable hiring practices and work environments relating to gender, race and ethnicity, and other forms of difference.
  • Coordinate with Committee on Equity and Leadership Development and departments in the College regarding the forthcoming report from the Office of Diversity and Inclusion. Jon Hess
  • Finalize position descriptions and recruit for staff equity advisors. Jon Hess
  • Invested in hiring and development of College faculty equity advisors; equity advisors attended national conference on hiring for diversity.
  • Committee on Equity and Leadership Development provided feedback to Provost’s Office on salary equity report.
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