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Strategic Plan 2020 Implementation

Goal 1: Advance the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Strategy 1.2: Improve student success, retention, and persistence toward graduation by strengthening students’ academic and advising experience and by enhancing students’ experiences of community through intercultural interaction and awareness.
Key Initiative 1
Work with campus partners, including Enrollment Management, the Student Success and Persistence Team, Career Services, Office of Multicultural Affairs, Office of Learning Resources, the Counseling Center, Student Development and Institutional Research, to promote success among different student populations (such as international students, underrepresented students, first-generation students, transfer students) and implement high-impact practices that are known to be effective.
  • Work with the Provost’s Office to establish new advising structures within the College. Danielle Poe/Aaron Witherspoon
  • Work with Student Success and Persistence Team to track different Discovering students into their majors. Danielle Poe/Aaron Witherspoon
  • Launched new mini-course for students at risk of leaving University for academic reasons.
  • Advocated for and worked with Student Success and Persistence Team to pass new academic probation policy.
  • Worked with Financial Aid on supporting students at risk of losing funding because of low performance.
Key Initiative 2
Support development of co-curricular experiences between domestic and international students that promote intercultural interaction and awareness.
Key Initiative 3
Implement measures to help international students succeed in the classroom, promote their social and academic integration, and ensure that they are able to fully participate as members of the campus community.
  • Support launch of UDayton Global partnership. Danielle Poe
  • Worked with Enrollment Management and College departments to develop new course structures for UDayton Global partnership.
  • Supported Flyer Promise students; Assistant Dean chaired subcommittee for curricular engagement for Flyer Promise students for their summer experience; served on steering committee; served on Transition and Support Committee.
Key Initiative 4
Raise the academic performance of first-year students by developing and implementing pre-matriculation bridge programs for underrepresented and international students in multiple disciplines, expanding department guided and self-placement programs, and doubling the number of faculty available to teach ASI 160 First-Year Seminar for Discovering students.
  • Support departments in developing and implementing strategies to improve student success in courses with high rates of withdrawals and/or grades of “D” or “F.” Danielle Poe
  • Successful recruitment of 25 Discover Arts and Discover Sciences faculty advisors.
  • Directed increased funding to support ASI 160.
Key Initiative 5
Promote student engagement by strengthening advising resources available within the College and by creating access to advising support available from partner offices.
  • Continue advising support at the department and division levels; partner with the Provost’s Office to advocate for resources and support for best practices in advising. Danielle Poe
  • Increased training opportunities for all College advisors.
  • Completed survey of advising in College of Arts and Sciences.
  • Assistant Dean served on Academic Advising task force, working alongside Associate Provost Deb Bickford to generate report and University-wide recommendations.
  • Completed preliminary consultations with Social Science subcouncil on facility modifications to St. Joseph Hall and Zehler Hall to improve advising and increase retention and persistence to graduation.
  • Rolled out ASI 160 First-Year, Seminar for Discovering students, to undeclared science students.
  • Improved advising resources for pre-medicine and pre-dentistry students.
Key Initiative 6
Strengthen faculty and staff development in the areas of student success and cultural inclusion so as to create fully inclusive classroom environments, learning opportunities and programming.
  • Continue inclusivity in the classroom grants. Danielle Poe
  • Funded Inclusivity in the Classroom grants.
  • Dean’s Office personnel collaborated with the Department of Computer Science to complete the final year of the AAC&U - TIDES (Teaching to Increase Diversity and Equity in STEM) grant. The group made several presentations at regional meetings and completed two derivative publications.
Key Initiative 7
Support departments in developing and implementing strategies to improve student success in courses in which there are high rates of withdrawals and/or grades of “D” or “F.”
  • Supported Department of Mathematics in developing and implementing placement exam for incoming students.
  • Supported Department of Computer Science in developing and delivering CPS 149: Creative Media Applications, a precursor to the standard introductory CPS 150 course.
  • Dean’s Office personnel collaborated with Department of Chemistry to continue curricular revisions to introductory Chemistry sequence, including delivery of pre-matriculation preparatory program, early assessment exam and incorporation of metacognition skill development.
Key Initiative 8
Create a culture of assessment in the College in which departments and programs assess student learning annually and use the results to guide educational improvements.
  • Expand assessment to all academic programs. Jon Hess
  • Ensure 100 percent compliance with continuous improvement progress and reporting; ensure that all degree-granting programs are doing assessment per HLC instructions. Jon Hess
  • Assessment plans adopted and approved for all College departments.
  • Assessment planning completed for all College academic programs.
  • Appointed College Assessment Advisor; commenced training.
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