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Strategic Plan 2020 Implementation

Strategy 1.1: Advance the Liberal Arts and Sciences
Strategy 1.1: Promote the centrality of the liberal arts and sciences in advancing the University’s mission as a Catholic and Marianist institution, in facilitating learning and scholarship that is grounded in, yet transcends, traditional disciplinary boundaries, and in preparing all students for personal and professional accomplishment by linking learning and action, leadership and service.
Key Initiative 1
Sustain strong undergraduate enrollments across the College, while growing enrollments in the humanities, arts, social sciences and other departments presenting opportunities for growth over the next five years to match 10-year enrollment averages.
  • Onboard new Core and Humanities Visibility Coordinator; develop year one priorities for that person. Danielle Poe 
  • Work with Enrollment Management to provide talent scholarships for students majoring in Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology. Danielle Poe 
  • Work with Enrollment Management and respective departments to develop new process for recruiting majors into Art and Design; Music; and Theatre, Dance and Performance Technology. Danielle Poe 
  • Produce a short video for each of the College’s departments and programs that highlights their value proposition, for use on welcome pages and social media. Dave Larsen
  • Collaborated extensively with Enrollment Management and College departments and programs to recruit fall 2018 incoming class; sustained BA, BS, BFA, and Bachelor of Music enrollment numbers.
Key Initiative 2
Expand graduate programs that build upon existing faculty talent and expertise and that advance strategic priorities for the College and University.
  • Analyze graduate program funding and enrollment trends in light of the Strategic Vision. Maura Donahue
  • Completed proposal for degree program for doctorate in Computer Science.
  • Launched new Department of Communication certificates: Health Communication and Strategic Public Relations.
  • Invested in marketing consultant to promote new graduate certificates.
  • Lecturer hired to support Sustainability Studies Program; appointed to Hanley Sustainability Institute.
  • Completed new graduate certificate in Sustainability.
  • Analyzed all funds budgeting implications for graduate programs.
Key Initiative 3
Develop and implement a comprehensive communication plan that promotes the value of liberal arts and science degrees for career preparedness and success, leadership and service, and that also champions liberal education for all undergraduates through the Common Academic Program.
  • Create a video for prospective students and their families highlighting distinct opportunities for Bachelor of Science students in the College, similar to the Bachelor of Arts degree video. Danielle Poe/Dave Larsen
  • Develop and execute communication strategy to promote liberal arts and sciences. Jason Pierce
  • Developed and launched College Strategic Communication Plan.
  • Produced video for prospective students and parents regarding opportunities with College Bachelor of Arts degrees.
  • Revamped open house presentations to focus on unique opportunities to BA, BFA and BS students.
  • Expanded interns on College communication team; expanded video capacity for College communication team.
Key Initiative 4
Establish formal structures to support students and faculty across the College who engage in mentored research during the summer and academic terms.
  • Implement robust assessment plan for Dean’s Summer Fellowship program. Don Pair
  • Implement broader assessment plan for experiential learning initiatives across the College. Don Pair
  • Supported 65 students who participated in Dean’s Summer Fellowship program; strengthened mentoring expectations, including mentor stipend.
Key Initiative 5
Guide and support the development of interdisciplinary courses and ethnic/area studies programs or majors.
  • Develop and launch new degrees (B.A./B.S.) in Sustainability Studies. Danielle Poe
  • Drawing upon the working group’s report and additional feedback from stakeholders, establish Ethnic Studies program to house existing and new ethnic and area studies majors and minors. Danielle Poe
  • Established Sustainability Studies program as new program within the College; hired program director.
  • Ethnic Studies Working Group completed its report.
  • BA/BS in Sustainability passed by Academic Affairs Committee of the College.
Key Initiative 6
Develop strategies for expanding interdisciplinary learning platforms, such as the Core Program, for the delivery of first- and second-year CAP courses.
  • Explore expansion of second year Core experiences, including Integrated Learning-Living Communities, intercultural learning opportunities and internship opportunities. Danielle Poe
  • Core Program launched its first study abroad opportunity.
  • Secured new staff position: Core Program and Humanities Visibility Coordinator.
  • Explored new second year learning-living options for Core housing.
Key Initiative 7
Strengthen the engagement of lecturers and contingent faculty within the College by providing appropriate support and by affirming their contributions to the College’s educational mission.
  • Adopt College and department policies for promotion of lecturers; continue professional develop programs for lecturers. Jon Hess
  • Implemented professional development workshops for new College lecturers.
  • Convened lecturer promotion policy working group to draft College policy.
Key Initiative 8
Increase visibility and prominence of student achievement across the College through department and division research, symposia, the Stander Symposium, the Celebration of the Arts and other platforms.
  • Continue to increase visibility and prominence of student achievement. All
  • College Newsroom blog statistics for 2017-18 academic year: 49,533 pageviews and 44,017 unique pageviews.
  • Twitter activity for 2017-18 academic year: 620,700 impressions.
  • Social media follower growth:
       - Twitter: Increased to 644, from 440. (Goal was 600)
       - Facebook: Increased to 358, from 283. (Goal was 340)
       - Instagram: Increased to 233, from 68. (Goal was 180)
Key Initiative 9
Cultivate new and expanded opportunities for student leadership and formation as servant leaders.
  • Supported Fitz Center for Leadership in Community’s launch of Dayton Corps Program, which places 60 service volunteers in local nonprofit organizations.
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