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Strategic Plan 2020 Implementation


The College of Arts and Sciences launched its Strategic Plan 2020 in September 2016. This plan emerges from a wide-ranging, deeply collaborative conversation about how the College, as an academic community, might respond to the “signs of the times.” It is intended to guide the College over the next four years in promoting six core goals.

The College’s Strategic Plan 2020 is premised on a compelling vision and mission for our academic community and identifies bold yet achievable goals for the College. The plan reflects the College’s pivotal role in a larger comprehensive university and offers a clear-eyed assessment of our strengths and capacities as well as opportunities for growth and adaptation. It manifests the College’s commitment to liberal education as a means of developing the whole person and preparing a new generation of servant leaders.

The College’s dean and associate deans have developed implementation steps and a schedule, based on input from the strategic planning working groups, that sequence the 50 initiatives outlined in the plan.

The College’s progress toward completing key initiatives for the current academic year can be tracked using the “Strategy” links on this page.

Goal 1, Strategy 1.1:
Centrality of the liberal arts and sciences in advancing the University’s mission
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Goal 1, Strategy 1.2:
Student success, retention and persistence toward graduation
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Goal 2
Encourage Outstanding Scholarship, Artistic Production and Performance
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Goal 3
Strengthen Experiential and Community-Engaged Learning
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Goal 4
Intercultural Learning and Living
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Goal 5
Expand Global Learning
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Goal 6
Promote the Stewardship of Resources and Space
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