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Operations Manual

Academic Dismissal Policies

Conditions of Dismissal 

There are two categories of students who may be subject to academic dismissal: (1) students placed on academic probation who fail to meet their academic goal; and (2) students whose term GPA falls below 1.00, regardless of cumulative GPA.

Students are dismissed at the conclusion of the Fall and the Spring semesters. Students may be dismissed at the end of the summer sessions if special arrangements regarding probationary status have been made and communicated to the student. Students are not dismissed at the end of the summer sessions if they have received a GPA below 1.00 for either of the two summer sessions.

Academic dismissal means that students are not permitted to take courses at the University of Dayton for a minimum of one full academic term. This is understood as a full Fall semester or Spring semester. Unless an exception is made by the Dean's office the summer sessions offered at the University of Dayton do not constitute a full academic term. In addition, the designation of academic dismissal will appear on the student's transcript.

Notification and Appeal

Students subject to academic dismissal are notified of their status by the Dean's office. In some circumstances, students may appeal an academic dismissal. The form of that appeal may come through appointments made with the appropriate assistant dean, through phone interviews, and through letters. The period for an appeal varies because the calendar affecting the time between the end of one term and the start of the next term changes, especially the period between the end of the Fall term and start of the Spring term. In every case, an appeal must be received and completed at least two weeks before the official date designated for the last day of registration for the upcoming term for which the student is seeking readmission.

The Dean's office retains discretion to change a student's status based upon the nature of the evidence offered in an appeal. At a minimum, an appeal must explain the causes of the poor academic performance and present a plan for addressing those causes. Students readmitted after dismissal remain on academic probation for a term and must complete a probation contract with the appropriate Assistant Dean.

Requests for Readmission

Students who have been academically dismissed and who have remained away for a minimum of a full academic term may appeal to the Dean's office for readmission. The appeal must address the causes of academic failure, present a plan for addressing those causes, and include evidence of academic preparedness. Evidence of academic preparedness may be a transcript of courses taken at another academic institution. The student must achieve a minimum of a 3.0 in at least three academic courses to be considered for readmission. In those instances when significant extenuating factors may have been the cause of academic failure (e.g., substance abuse, psychological crises, etc.), documentation may be requested to verify that the causes have been sufficiently addressed and that there is a reasonable expectation that the student will be able to meet the rigors and demands of an academic term. If an appeal is accepted, the appropriate Assistant Dean will notify the Registrar's office of the change in status.

Academic Dismissal and the Dean's Discretion

Academic dismissals by other academic units are part of a student's permanent record and are honored by the College. A record of academic dismissal remains on the student's transcript. Normally, students who have been dismissed a total of two times will be encouraged to pursue an academic program at another academic institution. Exceptions may be made by the Dean's office after careful review of a student's circumstances.


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