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Operations Manual

PAF Process

It is the responsibility of the academic department or program area to initiate any and all PAF forms that impact upon personnel within a respective department or program area. The only exception will be those PAFs for returning personnel that are computer generated from Schedule A of the approved budget of each department or program area. With the responsibility at the department level, there should be no confusion over whether a PAF has in fact been properly generated.

All PAFs for faculty and staff within the College require a dean's signature (the exception being student labor: use -5053 and -5054 accounts). PAFs should be sent directly to the Assistant to the Director of Budget and Operations for signature. The Dean's office will forward the PAF to HR and it will be the responsibility of the Dean's Office to keep a database record of all PAFs that are approved by the Dean's Office. Any questions about whether a PAF has been processed should go directly to the Assistant to the Director or the Director (Phone 9-2176). They will work directly with the department or program and HR to resolve any problems or issues.

In the case of part-time faculty, there is also the expectation that the appropriate information will be entered into the College Part-time Database at the time the PAF is generated at the department level. The Dean's Office will check PAFs against the database as part of the approval process.

Please note that a PAF is also required for all new full-time faculty appointments. It is the responsibility of the academic department or program area to initiate these PAFs. Prepare PAFs for new full-time faculty members whose appointments begin on August 16th and deliver these PAFs to the Dean's Office no later than August 5th.

Computer generated PAFs are prepared by HR for personnel that are included on the Schedule A (returning full-time employees). These PAFs are received in the Dean's Office in late June for employees returning July 1 and in early August for employees returning August 1 and August 16. The Dean's Office will forward to the department chairperson/program director two copies of each department employee's PAF. These forms should be reviewed by the chairperson/program director and any corrections should be reported to the Dean's office immediately. The blue copy of the PAF should be retained for the department personnel file. The gold copy should be distributed to department personnel. After the automated PAFs have been distributed, any changes in employee's personnel status will require a new PAF to be submitted to the Office of Human Resources.

PAF Timeline: PAFs are due in the Dean's Office three business days before they are due in Human Resources.

Visit the Office of Human Resources using the link at right.


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