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Operations Manual

In-Residence Appointments: Description and Guidelines

Approved January 14, 2004 


'In-Residence" is a faculty appointment in the College of Arts and Sciences that recognizes outstanding accomplishment in a discipline or profession. The appointee is expected to possess the necessary pedagogical expertise to train and develop the talents of majors in the discipline as well as those students of other fields who would benefit from this expertise. The IR is expected to contribute specified services to the department, the College, and the University; and to be actively and consistently engaged in the discipline or profession. The title may vary depending on the discipline, such as "Scholar-in-Residence," or for a professional in the arts, "Artist-in-Residence."

Guidelines for Making Appointments 

Dean Level. It is the responsibility of the Department Chairperson to make the official request to the Office of the Dean with appropriate documentation. The Office of the Dean must approve the request and then forward it to the Office of the Provost for approval.  The request must also have the approval of the offices of Human Resources and Compliance/Affirmative Action.

Department Level. As appropriate, an In-Residence Appointment would follow standard procedures for temporary appointments.   The Department should develop a clear position description, including essential qualifications and expected teaching duties and creative activities, plus any service expectations.  Generally, candidates would be expected to submit a letter of application, vita, list of references, and any required supporting materials to the Department.  A Departmental committee should review the materials and make the recommendation for appointment to the Department Chairperson. Depending on Department By-laws and standard processes, input may be requested from the entire Department Faculty.  The Department Chairperson then makes the final recommendation.

Details of Appointment 

The appointment should define any expectations in the areas of teaching, scholarship, and service. The appointee will receive the same fringe benefits as non tenure-track full-time instructional staff. Service in this appointment is not credited toward tenure, sabbatical leave, or voluntary early severance.

Review and Reappointment 

The appointment is made on an annual basis and is thus subject to annual review. The IR will submit an annual report, similar to the Faculty Merit Report, on teaching, scholarship, and service (if service is part of the job description) to the Department Chairperson. After reviewing this information, the Department Chairperson will recommend reappointment to the Office of the Dean at the same time as other non-tenured faculty reappointments. The Department will send an annual reappointment letter to the IR, with copies to the appropriate person in the Dean's office and in the Provost's office.

Generally a Department committee and chair will individually submit to the Office of the Dean a written performance evaluation of the IR appointee every five years, or more frequently if determined by Department policies. (Additional note: the Office of the President must review any faculty position that extends beyond seven years.)


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