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Operations Manual

Humanities Building Room Use Policy

Process for Scheduling Rooms in the Humanities Building

Approved 2018

1. Kristi Magyar, Office of the Registrar will schedule all rooms except as noted in #2 and #3. Request a room reservation (www) >>

2. The Department of Languages will continue to schedule RM03.  All departments will continue to schedule their own conference rooms.  The building chairpersons will continue to schedule the seminar rooms with the Department of Philosophy coordinating changes and additions to that schedule.

3. The Department of Music maintains the schedule for Sears Recital Hall. Request a Sears Recital Hall reservation (www) >>

4. In scheduling rooms the following policies will be used:

a. Use of a room must be sponsored by a department. An individual faculty member should work through a department office to schedule a room. The City of Dayton Children’s Water Festival is an exception to this. We will initiate a discussion about the use of rooms for COC.  Any events currently scheduled will also be considered exceptions to this policy.

b. If a request is made for the use of a media-equipped room, the chairperson of the department having first assign responsibility for that room should be contacted before permission is given.

c. Food and drink are not allowed in the media equipped rooms (01, 03, 109, 117, 119, 116/118, 122, 125, 126, and 206) or in Sears Auditorium.

d. If a room is scheduled by someone who does not have a key fob for access to that room, they must contact the appropriate department or program office.

e. Anyone scheduling a room will be informed that the room is to be left in good order with furniture where it belongs, equipment closed properly, windows closed, and the door closed.  If this condition is not met, that person will not be allowed to schedule rooms in the future.


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