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Operations Manual

Departmental Meetings

A department should conduct meetings at which faculty exchange ideas for the well-being of the department. In the College of Arts and Sciences, every department is required to conduct departmental meetings at least every month. In carrying out his or her responsibilities, the chairperson often needs the counsel and advice of the departmental faculty. These departmental meetings present an excellent opportunity for such interchanges. Discussion regarding teaching, student counseling, departmental research, curriculum building and updating, and future plans of the department, including faculty needs and material support, should be free and untrammeled during these meetings. The chairperson of the department usually conducts these meetings.

A list of agenda items available before the meetings allows for proper consideration of questions before decisions are reached.

At departmental faculty meetings, majority voting may not always be appropriate. Often it may be most useful to the chairperson as an indication of the opinion of the faculty on a particular matter. However, there are certain issues - such as curricular matters, grading policy and similar academic matters - which it is the prerogative of the faculty to determine. Their opinion may be most readily determined through a formal vote during these meetings.

Copies of the minutes of the departmental meetings are sent to the Dean and Associate Deans of the College, to the Senior Vice President and Provost and to the administrative assistant to the Dean. In addition to the date, the minutes should include an indication of the chronological order of the meetings (e.g., "the first meeting of the department," "the fourth meeting of the department").


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