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Operations Manual

Clarification of College Computing Policies

Computers and computing equipment purchases must be made through CAS IT in accordance with the policy described in greater detail on the "Equipment Purchases" page linked below. This includes purchases involving research grants . Items purchased must be University approved brands unless there is a significant reason why the University brand is not acceptable. In that case, a request must be made for an exception which is ultimately approved by the Office of the Dean.

All computers or computing equipment purchased using University funds are the property of the University of Dayton. University funds include funds from the following sources: designated accounts, endowed accounts, faculty designated accounts, grant and research accounts (including UDRI accounts), base budget accounts, and sponsored project accounts.

The University has recently issued a document entitled Guidance for Interpreting University sponsored Purchases of iPads and Mobile Tablet Devices.

Faculty members wishing to purchase an iPad, tablet or other mobile device need to work through CAS IT, making a request to purchase the item.  The request needs to include the academic and professional purposes for the purchase.  Ultimately, the Dean must approve the purchase of the mobile device.  As indicated in the document,

  • Typically, University funds should not be used to purchase apps.
  • University funds may not be used to purchase 3G or 4G access plans.
  • Departments may wish to purchase a tablet as a loaner for faculty for short term use.

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