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Operations Manual

Academic Affairs Committee Document Process

Ver. 1.0, Sept 4, 2013

Beginning in the 2013-2014 academic year, proposals for new courses, changes to existing courses, and programmatic changes will be submitted through the web-based Course Inventory Management system (CIM). The steps detailed below provide a step-by-step guide for the preparation of CIM documents to be considered by the Academic Affairs Committee.

Step 1:

Discussion and Consultation: Initiate discussion and proposals at the departmental level in accordance with appropriate departmental processes. This process should also include, as appropriate, consultation with other departments and programs for their support of the proposed curricular change. If the proposal includes a budgetary, space, or equipment request, the department chair or program director should consult with the Associate Dean for Integrated Learning & Curriculum well before initial submission.

Step 2:

Completion of the Web-Based Forms: Depending on the type of curricular change proposed choose between the two web-based forms available in the Course Inventory Management System (CIM).

For Courses, a form can be found at Course Form.  Please use this form for all individual course proposals. These may include proposals for new CAP or non-CAP courses, for an existing course seeking CAP approval, or a change in course number, catalog description, credit hours, etc. for an existing course. [This category is the old ACC “Form 1”]. Course proposers should select either to edit an existing course or create a new course. Utilize the instructions, comments, and examples provided by clicking on the question icon found adjacent to the fields on the web-based form. In addition, a short video illustrating the process for preparing Course Forms can be found here: CAP Course Proposals: Using the Course Inventory Management System.

Step 3:

Department/Chair Review and Submission to the AAC Executive Committee: Once you have completed and submitted the course proposal or programmatic change forms, they can be accessed by appropriate departmental committees and by the Chair through CIM (Course Form or Programmatic Change Form) by searching for the course name or programmatic change. Approval by your Department Chairperson will move a final document to the Dean’s Office CIM Approval. The document will be assigned a number and the AAC Executive Committee members will be notified that the document is ready to be reviewed.

Step 4:

Executive Committee Review and Subcommittee Assignments: Once a document has been reviewed by the AAC Executive Committee, it is assigned to AAC subcommittee(s) for review. The administrative assistant to the Associate Dean will notify the subcommittees when they have documents to review. Subcommittee members will be able to view these documents electronically through the CIM system. Subcommittees also will be provided with the Executive Committee meeting minutes at that time to aid in their subcommittee discussions.

Step 5:

Subcommittee Review, Document Revision, and Consideration by the Full ACC: The subcommittees meet in person with the document proposers to discuss documents assigned to them. After the meeting, if the proposals being considered require revisions, the chair of the subcommittee will notify the administrative assistant to the Associate Dean to rollback the document to the respective Department Chairperson. This will allow the proposer to make any of the revisions requested by the subcommittee. The revised documents are then re-submitted using CIM. The Chairperson of the subcommittee e-mails the subcommittee minutes to the administrative assistant. The administrative assistant then posts the minutes of subcommittee meetings and minutes from the previous full meeting of the AAC. The entire AAC is also notified that final documents are now available in CIM for their review.

Step 6:

Submission to the CAPC for Consideration or for Entry in Banner: Following the AAC meeting, approved documents will either be made available via CIM for consideration by the Common Academic Program Committee (CAPC) for CAP approval, or if CAP approval was not sought, the document will go directly to the Registrar for entry in Banner.


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